Twitter suspends verification program rollout following fake accounts being given blue checks

It is looking to improve the review and application process. Twitter has stopped expanding its verification program and said it needed to improve allowing people into the blue club. This change, where Twitter won’t be letting new people apply for verification, is coming after Twitter admitted that several fake accounts, which reportedly seemed to be part of a botnet, were incorrectly verified.

If you’ve recently applied for verification, there is a chance you’ll get it — Twitter Verified has said that it’ll still be reviewing existing applications, so the freeze is just preventing new people from being able to apply. In other words, if you were able to apply before, Twitter’s lead says you still can. Twitter hasn’t indicated that it’ll be making changes to the criteria that it uses to deem accounts as verifiable or not. According to a Twitter spokesperson, it will “resume rolling applications within the next few weeks.”

This isn’t the first time Twitter has paused its verification program — it put the public process on hold in 2017 after receiving backlash for verifying one of the organizers behind the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville. It brought back a revamped version in 2021 — and paused it a week later due to an avalanche of requests.

Twitter’s Verified program has had a series of issues that have caused it to stop. This shows the problems that badges can cause, which users sometimes consider endorsements. Twitter states that the badge’s purpose is to indicate that an account is authentic, noteworthy, and active.But even these criteria can lead to controversy, especially when famous people have their applications rejected.


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