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Top 5 Best Dual Screen Laptops in 2022: Expert Reviewed (New Models)



Top 5 Best Dual Screen Laptops in 2022: Expert Reviewed (New Models)

Multitasking on a dual screen laptop sounds like a lot of fun. When it comes to portable multitasking, however, dual-screen laptops are simply next-generation.

These devices will allow users to work on the second screen while continuing to use the primary screen for the primary task, software, or application.

Laptops with two screens are the way of the future. As a result, only high-end configurations are available. It is reason enough to choose one of these to improve your workflow, engage in some highly intuitive creative tasks, or even play some games!

Do Dual Screen Laptops Make Sense?

Screenshot 9 1

The ability to run different applications on both screens is a valuable experience, especially for multi-tasking and productivity-oriented users. Run tasks on the primary display, and everything else on the secondary display.

What’s the catch, exactly?

Only a few applications are capable of supporting dual-screen operation. However, popularly used apps from leading software companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, and others will soon join the party.


Gaming on dual-screen laptops is also possible. Concentrate on your gameplay on the main screen, and check out your Discord streaming server on the secondary screen every now and then. Fun!

Professionals in filmmaking, video editing, and social media enthusiasts should get a dual-screen laptop right away. It’s an understatement to say that you’ll double your productivity in no time.

Dual displays with resolutions as high as 4K, as well as the most recent GPU and processor configurations – this was the focus of the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, which was almost entirely devoted to dual-screen laptops from leading manufacturers, as well as some concept machines.But don’t be concerned. If you’re looking for the best dual-screen laptop on the market right now, you have a few options!

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Dual-Screen Laptops

While the advantages of dual-screen laptops outweigh those of single-screen laptops, there are a few key factors to consider before making a purchase.

Response Times: A dual-screen laptop would necessitate more processing power, which would result in slower response times. A single-screen device with similar specifications will be faster than a dual-screen device in terms of performance. As a result, if you plan to use applications that require more processing power, consider purchasing a laptop with the most recent processor. (There are a few down below!)


Keyboard Size: Because these devices have a second display above the keyboard, expect to have a more difficult time hitting your typing speed and accuracy. Large hands can pose a similar challenge. But don’t worry, larger dual-screen laptops with standard-sized keyboards will be available soon.

Pricing: The cost of dual-screen laptops varies depending on the display resolution, RAM, and processors used. However, they are quite high, which is understandable given that this is a completely new line of devices. Begin with at least $1500 in your bank account!

Damage Risks: Dual screen laptops have multiple hinges, and the more hinges there are, the higher the risk of damage in the event of mishandling or other mishaps. While laptops aren’t indestructible, dual-screen laptops are more vulnerable to damage and should be handled with extreme caution when in use for an extended period of time.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, it’s time to get down to business. Here are the top five dual-screen laptops for 2022:

The Most Affordable Dual-Display Laptops

5. HP OMEN X 2S 2019 15

Best Value Dual Screen Laptops

Screenshot 10 1
Source Image

With a 4K 1080P IPS primary display and an FHD secondary touchscreen display, the HP OMEN X is one of the best gaming laptops. Apart from high-end graphics editing, this device is perfectly capable of handling hardcore gaming and streaming.

It is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Max Q graphics card with 8 GB of VRAM for gaming and graphics editing. Even with graphics-intensive AAA games like Witcher 3, this graphics card is powerful enough to provide a cool and quiet gaming experience.

The HP OMEN comes with a fantastic OMEN command center that allows you to easily control CPU overclocking to reduce gaming latency. With a 3-phase motor and fluid dynamic bearing, this device has three outlet vents. What’s the end result? Even with the lightning fast 9th generation 4.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, heat dissipation has improved.

In a nutshell, this laptop is capable of performing any task. In terms of storage, HP equips this laptop with a 1 TB NVME SSD and 16 GB of RAM, which can be expanded to 32 GB.

Plus, there’s more.

This beast also includes out-of-the-box VR and MR support, giving you more options when gaming or watching VR/MR content. All of this for $2,300 appears to be a good deal, and it is.


Technical Specifications

Primary Screen Size: 15.6 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, FHD | Processor: Intel i7 – 9750H, 4.5 GHz | RAM: 16 GB, 2666 MHz | Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 | VRAM: 8 GB | Operating System: Windows 10 Home | Storage: 1 TB SSD | Battery backup: 3.5 hours | Weight: 5.20 pounds

Check It Out Here

4. Laptop ASUS ZenBook Duo UX481

For creatives, the best dual screen laptop is

Screenshot 11 2
Source Image:

Asus is a well-known laptop manufacturer, and their ZenBook series covers a lot of ground in a crowded market. However, with the Asus ZenBook Duo, they’re taking a risk.

A 14-inch FHD Nano Edge primary touch display and a secondary 12.6-inch matte touch display are featured on the ZenBook Duo. The ergonomic lift system design, which improves typing position, optimizes cooling, and improves audio performance, is a unique feature of this device.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive laptops on the market, with plenty of performance on the inside. A 10th generation Intel Core-i7 10510 U processor with a 4.9 GHz boost capability powers the Duo. It also has a 1 TB NVME storage capacity. This laptop’s 16 GB of RAM allows it to load Gears of War 4 missions in under a minute!


In terms of gaming, you get an NVIDIA Geforce MX 250 with 2 GB of VRAM, which isn’t the best configuration, but this isn’t a gaming laptop to begin with. You do, however, get a lot of add-on technology.

The ZenBook Duo has a built-in infrared camera for added security. It also includes a stylus pen for sketching and editing, making it a truly cutting-edge experience. With the help of Screenpad and Maxview, you can get the most out of both touch displays, easily making this one of the best laptops for graphic design.

This ZenBook Duo is unquestionably the best dual-screen laptop for digital artists, with a price tag of under $1,500. However, good luck in your quest to find one!

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 12.70 x 8.78 0.78 inches | Primary Screen Size: 14 inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, FHD | Processor: Intel i7– 10510 U 4.9 GHz | RAM: 16 GB | Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce MX250 | Operating System: Windows 10 Pro | Storage: 1 TB SSD | Battery backup: 10 hours  | Weight: 3.50 pounds | Screen Type: Nano Edge touch screen, Glossy

Check It Out Here


3. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus

The Workplace’s Best Dual Screen Laptop

Screenshot 13
Source Image

Lenovo is consistently ranked among the best laptop manufacturers, so it was only a matter of time before they entered the dual-screen market. As is customary for them, the ThinkBook Plus is a design concept that deviates from the norm and offers a unique perspective.

The ThinkBook Plus has a secondary display on the back of the primary display, which is different from other dual screen laptops that have a secondary display above the keyboard. As a result, you won’t have to open the laptop to use the secondary display.

According to the specifications, the primary display is a 13.3-inch FHD single touch, and the secondary display is a 10.8-inch FHD single touch. We liked it because it was different. It’s perfect for on-the-go work inputs, sketches, and other such things. This single-touch display, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily for artists.

Inside, the ThinkBook Plus’s higher configuration features an Intel 10th generation Core i7 processor with a 4.7 GHz boost clock speed. The performance, when combined with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and Intel UHD graphics, suggests that this is the ideal laptop for increasing work productivity. There’s also a 512 GB SSD, so you can quickly switch between tabs.

This is the best dual-display laptop for brainstorming and creating your next work presentation, and it costs around $1,500.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 12.16 x 8.54 x 0.7 inches | Primary Screen Size: 13.3 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, FHD | Processor: Intel i7– 10510 U, 4.7 GHz | RAM: 16 GB | Graphics Processor: Intel UHD Graphics | Operating System: Windows 10 Pro | Storage: 512 GB SSD | Battery backup: 10 hours  | Weight: 3 pounds 

Check It Out Here

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2. ROG Zephyrus Duo 15W from ASUS

Gaming’s Ultimate Dual-Screen Laptop

Screenshot 14
Source Image

What if you could pack the best specs into a laptop while also including a secondary touch display? In a nutshell, the Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo is the world’s first dual-screen laptop designed specifically for high-end gaming.

You’d get an Intel Core i9 10980HK processor from the 10th generation, which can run at up to 5 GHz. A monster graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max Q with 8 GB of GDDR6 VRAM, is also included.


It even comes with a ROG boost, which increases the clock rates and thus the graphics output. The most insane out-of-the-box gaming laptop you can buy is topped off with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and a fast 1 TB SSD. Simply put, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo can run almost any game at ultra settings today and into the future without breaking a sweat.

There’s also the dual-display option. A 15.6-inch 300 Hz 1080P IPS screen with a 3 ms response time serves as the primary display. Any esports pro will tell you that this is enough for a serious Valor match. There’s also a 14-inch 4K secondary touch display if you want to stream your game on Twitch. Sweet!

You can get all of this, but it will cost you a lot of money, around $3,700. That’s huge; you can get a top-of-the-line gaming desktop PC put together, complete with the massive NVIDIA RTX 3090. Why is this both the best dual-screen laptop in 2021 and the worst?

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 14.26 x 10.30 x 0.77 inches | Display Type: Full HD IPS | Primary Screen Size: 15.6 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, FHD | Processor: Intel i9–10980 HK, 4.5 GHz | RAM: 16 GB, 3200 MHz | Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 S | VRAM: 8 GB | Battery backup: 5 hours | Weight: 5.20 pounds


Check It Out Here

1. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 15.6

In 2020, the best dual-screen laptop will be

Screenshot 15
Source Image

The ASUS ZenBook Duo UX581 is the bigger (and better) brother of the other ZenBook Duo on this list, and it’s the 2019 Amazon Editor’s Choice for best laptop. And in 2021, this will be the best dual screen laptop. Without a doubt!

First and foremost, this is one of the most powerful laptops available. It is equipped with an Intel 9th generation Core-i9 5 GHz processor, 32 GB of 2666 MHz RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with 6 GB of DDR6 RAM. It’s amazing how ASUS managed to cram so much into such a small package, especially with two displays.

The displays are a 4K UHD 15.6-inch primary touch display and a 4K 14-inch secondary display, which ASUS refers to as the ScreenPad Plus. There is no laptop with a better display than this one.

Despite the small keyboard, the innovative design of all ZenBooks makes typing easier thanks to the hinged back that creates a helpful slant. Sure, it appears that ASUS has covered all of the bases.


With a price tag of just under $3000, this is the ideal dual-display laptop for almost any task, from high-end gaming to graphics design or audio mixing.

Without a doubt, this is our first choice, and there isn’t much we can say against it. However, keep an eye out for overheating.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.94 in | Screen Type: UHD NanoEdge bezel | Primary Screen Size: 15.6 in | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K | Processor: Up to Intel i9–9980K, 5 GHz | RAM: 32 GB, 2666 MHz | Graphics Processor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 | VRAM: 6 GB | Battery backup: 7.5 hours | Weight: 5.50 pounds 

Check It Out Here


Intel’s Idea for Dual-Screen Laptops

Screenshot 16
Source Image

The Honeycomb Glacier and Twin River prototypes from Intel are only available if Santa Claus gets his hands on them, which we doubt. Intel is betting big on the dual-hinged, dual-screen design, which has been seen at major tech shows all over the world.

The eco-friendly fabric external casing, a polyester polyamide lycra textile combination, is a major highlight on these laptops. For starters, laptops with fabric exteriors are more affordable, and now that someone has done it, they seem more relatable!

Although still a concept, Intel’s affordable dual-screen laptops could be available by 2022. Expect a wide range of configurations, including some that are reasonably priced. Look at the layout; there are two displays on each side, and that’s all there is to it.

There is no keyboard or touchpad. Intel may have a point here, given that we’re already used to similar technology on our smartphones. In any case, it’s a bold move, and it’s possible that you’ll be using a dual-screen laptop in three years!


Dual-screen laptops are prohibitively expensive. It is not something that can be obtained on a shoestring budget. You will have to spend more money if you require more features. However, one thing is clear: the features found in a dual-screen laptop are far superior, and these devices allow for extreme multitasking in a small space. This is the way laptops will be designed in the future. Maybe you should get one right now to stay ahead of the game!

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When Did the PS4 Come Out? [PlayStation 4, Slim, and Pro]




When Did the PS4 Come Out? [PlayStation 4, Slim, and Pro]

The gaming industry has been growing and shows no signs of slowing down. The PlayStation brand has always been one of the most popular in the gaming industry, and its most recent console, the PS5, has blown up the market. However, the PS4 remains a popular console, with most gamers delaying their purchase until they can get one with a game.

It’s crucial to know when did the PS4 come out because it forever changed video game history! The technology used in this revolutionary machine set new standards, and this approach can still be seen in modern consoles like the Xbox One. We’ll look at the release date of the incredible PlayStation 4 in today’s blog post.

A Quick Overview of PlayStation

Sony created the PlayStation, which is a line of multimedia entertainment systems. The original PlayStation was released in Japan in December 1994 and was the first video game console in the series. It wasn’t until September 29th, 1995, that it was released in North America, with European markets following a month later.

Screenshot 20

The PlayStation is a hugely popular console, with over 100 million units sold worldwide. Following the success of the original PlayStation, Sony developed a follow-up console, which was released in North America and Japan in 2000. This new version had better graphics than the previous one and built-in networking features that allowed players to play multiplayer games online.

The PlayStation console was updated every few years, and new versions were released. The PlayStation 5 was released in October 2020, making it the most recent version.


When Did the PS4 Come Out?

Because video game consoles are constantly changing and evolving, keeping track of when each new generation is released can be difficult. The PlayStation brand has been around for quite some time, and many different models have been released over the years.

Screenshot 21

Sony announced the PS4, formerly known as the PlayStation Orbis, in 2013, and it was released at the end of that year. The original PS4 model was released on November 15th, 2013, in Japan and North America, and a month later in Europe.

Because of its processing power, networking capabilities, and improved graphics over previous models, the PS4 has been extremely popular with gamers.

Since then, two additional PS4 console models have been released: the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. So, let’s see when the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro were released.

When was the PS4 Slim released?

Screenshot 22

Sony first announced the PS4 Slim in 2016, and it was released on September 15th of that year. It came in two models, one with a 500GB hard drive and the other with a 1000GB hard drive.

The PS Slim is a smaller, more compact version of the original PS4 console, with a new matte finish and a redesigned chassis.

When Did the PS4 Pro Come Out?

Screenshot 23

Sony first announced the PS4 Pro in 2016, and it was released on November 10th of that year.

The PS4 Pro is an enhanced version of the original PlayStation console with upgraded hardware that allows for improved graphics, higher frame rates, and faster loading times. The new model also supports Ultra-HD resolutions, allowing gamers to see visuals as they’ve never seen them before.


The PS4 Pro is Sony’s most powerful console to date, and it’s the ideal choice for gamers looking to get the most out of their gaming experience.

They frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different PS4 models?

The PlayStation 4 comes in three models: the original, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro.

2. How do the PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, and original PS4 differ?

The most significant difference between these three models is their processing power. The PS4 Pro has the most processing power, while the original PS console has the least.


3. When did the PlayStation come out?

Sony first announced the PlayStation (PS) in 1994, and it was released on December 18th of that year. This model has since been retired and is no longer available to buy.

4. What is the appeal of PlayStation?

Sony has always been a video game industry leader, and they continue to release consoles that push the limits of what is possible. PS games have always been known for their high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay, which is why they are so popular with gamers worldwide.

Final Words

So there you have it: a quick rundown of the PlayStation console’s history and when the PS4 was released. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gamer, the PS has something for you. The PS4 will deliver an unforgettable gaming experience thanks to its powerful hardware and immersive graphics. Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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What is Amazon ERC Number and How to Contact Amazon HR Department




What is Amazon ERC Number and How to Contact Amazon HR Department

The Amazon Employment Resource Center (Amazon ERC) is a phone number (888) 892-7180 where you can ask Amazon HR (Human Resources) any employment-related questions.If someone has completed their application or received an offer letter but still needs more information, they can contact HR via ERC Amazon number or email, and HR will assist them with the next steps.

Introduction – ERC Amazon

Due to the rising number of cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of employees are requesting COVID-19-related leaves every day or week. With the help of Amazon ERC, the ERC Amazon case managers are handling a large number of requests.

This organization’s ultimate goal is to resolve employee inquiries. If your employees have any questions or need more information, they can call the Amazon ERC number. In this case, the ERC Amazon team will contact you or resolve your issue in a timely manner.

What is the ERC number for Amazon?

(888) 892-7180 is the Amazon ERC number. Simply put, you can call or contact HR.


Whatever issue you’re having, such as if you applied for a job recently or recently and didn’t receive an offer letter or want your payslip, or if you joined the company and are still having issues, you can discuss it over the phone or with an ERC Amazon number.

When do I need to contact Amazon’s ERC number?

You can contact Amazon human resources if you have any questions about your job application or want to know the status of your application. The Amazon HR phone number is 00 1 206-922-0880.

The Amazon ERC contact number is available from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is provided by the HR department.

If employees have any questions, they can call the ERC Amazon number. Aside from calling, you can send an email or leave an online message to the Amazon ERC team, who will respond quickly.

Employee issues are resolved using the ERC Amazon phone number. You can reach Amazon HR through the following channels:

  • Call Amazon ERC phone number at (888) 892-7180.
  • Make a LinkedIn connection.
  • If you’re looking for work, you can go to Amazon Careers or chat on the career portal to get answers to your questions.
  • If you’re looking for work and live in a city with an Amazon office, you’ll have a great opportunity to advance your career. Recruiters from Amazon will assist anyone who has applied for a job or is looking for one.
  • If you want to work for Amazon, you can contact or seek assistance from referral employees.
  • There are nine locations around the world where the Amazon Employment Resource Center is linked to the Amazon ERC number.
  • If you want to know when the best time is to contact someone, call between 10 and 11 a.m.

What is an Amazon ERC Number?

The HR department generates the ERC Amazon phone number. The ERC number is used to solve employee problems and to foster positive relationships with partners and the administration.

Within 24 hours, the ERC team will assist the number of employees and analyze the problem. The Amazon ERC team works tirelessly to gather all relevant information about the work, payout, skills, and so on.

It has a team of 2500–3000 members and provides the ideal solution with detailed descriptions.

  • The Amazon ERC number is (888) 892-7180. You can contact Amazon Human Resources and ask your queries.
  • On normal business days, the ERC Amazon phone number is available from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, call at the specified time.
  • If we’re talking about Amazon customer service, it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, email, and chat. You have complete freedom to place your order at any time.
  • The ERC Amazon team works with a large number of employees, ranging from 2500 to 3500, and provides services to employees in more than 48 countries and 15 languages.

Amazon ERC department – Benefits and Environment

ERC department
Source Image

The Amazon ERC and HR department play an important role in every company or every organization and can affect the growth and development of any organization.

  • If the HR department is functioning properly, the organization’s development will be enhanced. As a result, it is critical to the growth of any business.
  • Anyone who wants to work in this organization and develop their skills is welcome to do so.
  • Amazon’s HR department will assist you in joining Amazon and will assist you in any way possible.
  • It also provides a training program to help you prepare for the job. This department also assists them in honing their competitive abilities.
  • Does the Amazon ERC department learn how to deliver high-quality work and improve their skills?
  • The ERC department’s team can track every call with incredible precision.

Count of Amazon employees

  • The number of Amazon employees indicates how many people work for the company currently.
  • There are approximately 80,000 employees working across all departments.
  • The Amazon jobs website has a list of open positions.
  • Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide to filling out your form.


The Amazon ERC Number is provided by the HR department and is used to resolve all employee issues at Amazon. It has 1,25,300 full- and part-time employees, as well as 175,000 seasonal employees.

ERC Amazon gives students the best chance to learn new skills and demonstrate their abilities in a creative and effective manner.

And it is one of the world’s largest corporations, with this Amazon ERC phone number available to resolve employee issues within 24 hours.

  • Amazon ERC is an excellent place to work and learn new skills. T
  • (888) 892-7180 is the Amazon ERC phone number.
  • The Amazon HR phone number is 00 1 206-922-0880.
  • If you would like to contact customer service directly, dial 1-888-280-4331.

We attempted to answer your question about Amazon ERC in this blog. You can use LinkedIn to find a professional contact or meet directly with recruiters for more information.

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8 Secrets of Texas Roadhouse, Texas Roadhouse employees don’t want you to know about them




8 Secrets of Taxes Roadhouse, Texas Roadhouse employees don't want you to know about them

The texas roadhouse restautrant business is a success story. Since its founding nearly 30 years ago in 1993, the chain has grown to hundreds of locations nationwide as well as international restaurants with their quality steaks, and cold beer. , and it is also respected for its welcoming environment. Indiana. The company, which has its headquarters in Louisville, now has more than 580 locations spread across 49 states and another 22 abroad. Each Texas Roadhouse location serves, on average, 5,000 patrons per week.

Currently, there are Texas Roadhouse locations at 6378 Mills Civic Pkwy. in West Des Moines and 8744 Northpark Drive in Johnston. The eighth location in the state is now the newest one.

It’s usually very busy, so Wednesdays are best avoided because of the Wildwest Special, which attracts a lot of people. You should also avoid leftover dishes and drinks with more sugar than you need in two days at Texas Roadhouse. Read on to learn more about these and other topics.

In Altuna, a suburb of the Des Moines metro area, Texas Roadhouse plans to open its first location. The steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse intends to begin building a location in Altoona by the end of the month, according to spokesperson Amanda Norton. The city council approved a site plan for 2363 Adventureland Drive, west of the Cinemark theater, earlier this month.


No opening day has been specified.

A city memo states that the location will have a patio with 32 seats that looks out over a pond.

The menu at Texas Roadhouse, where all-you-can-eat peanuts are served, also includes fried chicken, cactus blooms, slabs of ribs, honey-cinnamon butter on yeast bread, and, of course, 44 percent of the menu is made up of steaks. 6-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin This Item Is the Best Seller.

The walls are lined with amusing decorations, and each location has a mural that depicts the neighborhood. The cheerful staff frequently breaks into spontaneous line dancing performances. Huge American and Texas state flags are flown outside the wooden façade. Families usually stand in long lines to pick up tables at restaurants.

The employees of Texas Roadhouse have uncovered these secrets.

1. Upselling is pushed on servers.

Source Image: Pintrest

When you order at Texas Roadhouse your server will ask if you want mushrooms and onions in your order. When you order a baked potato, you’ll be asked if you want cheese and bacon. It goes on and on. According to a Reddit post by an employee of Texas Roadhouse, waitstaff are pressured by management to sell to diners.

2. Indiana was the birthplace of the company.

roadhouse copy

The company’s headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky. Oh, and according to Louisville Business First, its founder has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry in Colorado. So there’s nothing Texan about Texas Roadhouse; its name is purely a marketing ploy: the man who founded the chain simply thought it sounded good and fit the vibe he was going for.

3. The most popular steak is the cheapest.

Source Image: GoodFood

Employees at Texas Roadhouse would rather you didn’t know that the best-selling steak the chain sells is also the cheapest: the six-ounce sirloin steak, according to Delish. Since 1993, this has been the case.

4. Prices have been increasing at the chain.

Screenshot 15 1

You may recall that Texas Roadhouse raised its menu prices by about 1.75 percent to keep up with rising costs last spring. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, they eventually raised prices by about 4% in 2021. Things are getting even more expensive at the Roadhouse this year, as inflation rages across almost every industry. The company has increased prices by another 3%.

5. Cocktails are injurious to your health.

cocktails drinks on bar royalty free image 639636168 1535209469
Source Image: Delish

And it’s not because of the alcohol—at least not in the first place. According to Healthline, their Raspberry Margarita contains 520 calories (about as much as a Big Mac) and 76 grams of sugar, which is almost double the daily recommended sugar intake.

6. Bread and butter will continue to be delivered, but you must request it.

loaf g43dcdd81b 640

Everyone knows about the never-ending supply of free peanuts at Texas Roadhouse (and, of course, peanut balls littering the floor as a result), but Mashed says there’s also an endless supply of more substantial free food. Have: Roll and Butter. Unless specifically requested, the chain’s servers will only bring one basket of bread and butter per table, but if you request additional rounds of rolls, you will receive them.

7. Their chili is made from some left over ingredients.

White Bean Turkey Chili Recipe to Use Up Leftovers 1

Chili is best avoided at Texas Roadhouse, according to several employees of Texas Roadhouse, who shared some secrets about the series on Reddit. Part of what one employee said was “the kebabs and dillo bites are made from the leftovers of [steak], and the chili is made with the rest … the chili should be avoided.”

8. The best steak deal on the menu here is Filet Medallions.

Source Image: Facebook

According to Newsweek, a former employee of Texas Roadhouse — and thus no longer obligated to upsell — posted a TikTok video claiming in that video that a nine-ounce medallion meal is the best deal. It has more meat than most steak options and can be served with any side dish of your choice instead of rice or mashed potatoes.

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