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Super Smash what?– Super Smash Flash 2 is back! You do remember us. The first Smash Bros fan game was well-known for its content and difficulty, more than for game play. Super Smash Flash was…well, Super Smash in a Flash. It had very little in common with the original Smash Bros game play as it was our first game. However, it did draw huge audiences. With the knowledge we’ve accumulated through the years, we strive to achieve the highest quality this time. Super Smash Flash 2 is not the work of one person over a month, like SSF1. Super Smash Flash 2 is a game created by hundreds of games over many years. It is expected to be one of the most popular Smash Bros fan games, but it’s not a. It’s one of the most popular Flash games up to now. We promise.

Does Flash make this?

It is an important feature, and one of our primary objectives here is to prove that Flash is often overlooked and not appreciated. If we can create an arcade-quality game that has controls, online modes, and ten years of custom artwork, it is possible for you to too. There is no other programming interface that can provide the ease of use and efficiency that we can enjoy when using Super Smash Flash 2 without the custom tools. Flash is a fantastic tool to create video games and animations, with the lowest barrier to entry and an easy interface. (tl;dr put aside the call for Flash to go out of business, jerks!)

What is the reason your game doesn’t include a Wikipedia site?


I’m not sure, but we’re incredibly thrilled about the project.

It’s not listed on Twitch! Can I stream/stream the SSF2 beta live stream?

However, Twitch doesn’t list us in its game listings as an official game. We suggest using YouTube Gaming!

Do you have Discord? Discord?

We do! Note that invitations may not always be available. If the link isn’t working, make sure to check back at a later time.


Can I play with my game pad?

In case the OS recognizes it, and you have drivers… yes! It is important to note that at the present moment, only the download version (to the right) is compatible with game pads due to limitations and differences in support between browsers.

Where’s the best spot to look for matches?

Our friends over on Anther’s ladder have a fantastic chat that has matchmaking built into the conversation! Find it here.

You can add [insert character what character you can add here?


In a big game, we must think things through in advance to ensure that we end the game at a particular time. We are unable to take suggestions on content due to this reason. Sorry!

How can I help you support your growth?

We are not taking any financial payment on behalf of Super Smash Flash 2. The best way to help us is to continue playing. This will make us satisfied. We hope it will make you too happy.


Super Smash Flash 2’s Beta release marks our final full-featured upgrade to our public release before the total game launches. We’re working hard and are well on our way, and we invite you to play through our progress as we go along, and that’s the goal in Super Smash Flash’s demonstrations.


Are there any combos within Super Smash Flash 2?

– Absolutely. Super Smash Flash 2 has a low lag of landing, high hit stun, and a high gravity making for an exhilarating combination game with a lot of mixups. It will feel at ease with games playing all of the original Smash games, even those in which combos aren’t available. This is among our main objectives for the project.

The HTML0 Smash game is SSF2 based on?

Ah, I’m sure you’ve noticed that Melee inspires SSF1. I guess so, right. You can think of SSF2 as the sequel to Frankenstein. We’re creating a “Greatest Hits” type deal by combining our engine, aesthetics, and feel; however, we’re also making our own artistic choices. There’s no definitive answer to this!

In terms of the engine?


The engine in SSF2 is also Frankenstein-inspired. On first look, it’s pretty reminiscent of Smash 4, actually; certain of the apparent engine features will show that quickly (with the low lag at the landing and high-ish hitstun, the high gravity, and more.) However, it’s more beyond that, and it will become more apparent as the game progresses and we get started activating additional engine elements.

Does a character have complete moves?

– Absolutely. Certain characters have placeholder animations; however, they will be corrected before the official release.

Does it work with Mac/Linux?

SSF2 is more compatible on Mac than the majority of Windows computers! For Linux is concerned, you can play our game with Chrome until we have an executable completed.


Is there a plan to make online mode?

It’s in!

What is L-Cancelling? (insert some complex Smash Bros-related term there)?

Most likely not Included. Regarding L-cancelling, however, SSF2 has globally reduced landing (some refer to this as ALR, which stands for Aerial Lag Reduction) as well as instead of being specific to a particular movement, it’s more character-specific but with some exceptions which range between 3-12 frames (at 30 FPS). If we were to give you the option of canceling L, most likely, you wouldn’t have to utilize it frequently.


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