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The sincerest form of flattery is imitation, and it’s also the most profitable method for building a mobile game.

Arielegh Cirulli created 2048 when he was 19 years old. He didn’t realize two things at the time, in early 2014: first, that something as easy as an online game might go viral for reasons that eluded him; and second, that something as basic as a web game could go viral for reasons that eluded him. Second, that making something so hugely successful, even if it was unintentionally, would alter the trajectory of his life.

After all, Cirulli had intended 2048 to be a weekend project—one of many he’d begun—to help him polish his JavaScript abilities. In reality, there was a previous version of 2048. It was created by someone who frequented a forum that Cirulli knew about. However, that guy’s version lacked animations and featured a color palette that Cirulli disliked. So, like a lot of things on the internet, he took the concept and created his own version. It was personalized. It was re-mixed.

Cirulli had recently graduated from high school in northern Italy and was debating whether to pursue a career as an engineer or enroll in college. So he rebuilt 2048 from the ground up to better understand how a developer might approach a project like this. The game, however, was nearly identical to the one he’d based it on: the player is given a 4×4 grid, moves tiles to combine them, and chases ever-higher scores.


He put his 2048 on GitHub and posted a link to it on a design website in the hopes of getting some comments. The web game was discovered on Hacker News and quickly spread. Cirulli began receiving Facebook congrats from pals all of a sudden. When he looked at Google Analytics, he found that 150 individuals were playing the game at the same time. After that, he observed as it grew to 13,000 active users. Requests for interviews began to pour in. He was contacted by Italy’s national television channel. The game was all over the place.

That’s when people started saying, “I took their success.”

Then, for me personally, things went out of hand, because I’ve never been one to desire to be in the spotlight… Cirulli tells Techydeed, “Those two or three months leading up to the release of 2048 were some of the most difficult months of my life up to that moment.” “It was all quite strange.”

The attention was pleasant, but it was also taxing and exhausting. Then came the accusations: Cirulli had plagiarized another player’s game. That he was a thief and a plagiarist.

He hadn’t created a brand-new version of 2048. Cirulli had no idea that his game, 2048, was simply one in a long line of variations, imitations, and copycats—his was the one that went viral. The chain of mutations pointed back to a single source of inspiration as the messages and stories poured in: an iPhone game called Threes.

At the time, that game was not something I’d ever seen or played, he adds. Then people started accusing me of stealing their achievements.


Could Cirulli have been a thief without realizing it at the time? And would it even make a difference?

SherAsher Vollmer had just graduated from college and was trying to figure out what he wanted to do next. In 2012, he released Puzzlejuice, a unique mash-up of Tetris, Boggle, and Bejeweled, which was part of a surge of independent game developers experimenting with fresh ideas on embryonic mobile platforms. It went well, and Vollmer wondered if he might make a livelihood doing it.

“We were still trying to figure out how the phone fit into our lives as individuals, as well as what people wanted to do with their phones.” “And no one had a good solution—not even Apple,” Vollmer recalls, wistfully. According to the author, “It was basically up to a bunch of indie developers to produce a bunch of weird prototypes and have a variety of different excitements about any given idea.”

Consumers in 2014 were willing to pay a few dollars for an app. Apple aided the trend by promoting it in a non-obtrusive way. According to Vollmer, a little indie game only needed a banner in the App Store. You were golden if you got that. You’d essentially recouped your investment.

His next game, Threes, would, however, more than make up for his losses. The response has been overwhelmingly positive since its debut. One reviewer even went so far as to remark that it was “nearly as close to a perfect mobile game as it gets.” Threes even charted well in the App Store, where it remained at the top for more than a week.


It took only a few weeks for the knockoffs to arrive: Twos, Eights, 1024, 2048, and 2048 Doge, to name a few. The majority of them appeared to be unique. However, their gameplay was quite similar to Threes’: a number grid, simple swiping controls, and a nice and addicting rhythm of play.

Vollmer and his collaborator, Greg Wohlwend, had spent 14 months creating and refining the key concepts, unlike Cirulli, who pounded out his web game in a weekend. Threes is an effort at creating the ideal, minimalist puzzle game—something tough and satisfying, the type of undertaking that requires infinite tweaking and playtesting. Vollmer compares it to “carving a sculpture out of a chunk of rock.”

After a year of work, the first clone appeared after only three weeks.

How do you deal with imitators? Legal action was out of the question. “Look and feel” would be the greatest basis for copyright protection, and Cirulli’s game, with its autumnal palette, was a far cry from Wohlwend’s tri-color animations. To secure the game mechanics, Vollmer would have to file a patent, a time-consuming legal alternative that he already thought was harmful to artists and considered “ethically problematic.”

Instead, Vollmer and Wohlwend wrote an open letter criticizing 2048 and the many clones, expressing their dissatisfaction while also seeking to be upfront about the development of Threes. More than 500 email correspondences between the two of them accompanied the post. (Show receipts if in doubt.)


The letter did little to impede the spread of 2048, but it did elevate Vollmer and Wohlwend to developer folk hero status. Threes have been defended by a number of tech outlets, including this one. The Threes folks had been screwed over by the global sensation of 2048, according to a vociferous subculture of people invested in the independent gaming scene. In truth, the game’s sales continued to exceed Vollmer’s initial projections. In a recursive, ouroboros kind of sense, we rode the coattails of 2048’s popularity, “he explains.

Vollmer is careful not to come across as arrogant. He doesn’t mind if someone prefers to swipe around 2048, but he believes his game is more advanced in terms of what it requires of its players.

In fact, it was probably 2048’s lack of complexity that made it so popular in the first place. Cirulli’s version was free and web-based, making it more accessible than the $1.99 iOS game. Crucially, it was simpler, almost to the point of being unchallenging.

“That would be the villain,” says the narrator.

Threes’ design patterns tapped into an emerging genre of “hyper casual games”—a word that didn’t exist at the time—and undoubtedly impacted it. 2048 improved on those patterns by making them even less frictional.

Vollmer and Wohlwend seem remarkably at ease with how it all played out now, some eight years after the release of Threes. They all state unequivocally that they have no ill will toward any of the independent developers who have created works based on Threes.


Wohlwend says, “I think Gabriele did a cool item.” “If I’d had those skills at that age, I would’ve done something similar.” (This wasn’t Wohlwend’s first encounter with a plagiarist; he was the artist on a game called Ridiculous Fishing, which was ripped off before it was released.)

His reservations are booked with Ketchapp, the French firm that transformed Cirulli’s 2048 into an app. Wohlwend says, “That’s the thing I’d point to as the villain.”

Threes arrived in the midst of a major transformation. A new, more profitable paradigm for mobile games was on the horizon. They’d be free and rely on in-game advertising for money—a trade-off that many developers, particularly in the indie gaming industry, deemed repulsive.

Consumers, on the other hand, appeared to favor the free-to-play approach. (A year later, Vollmer and Wohlwend would give in and produce an ad-supported version of Threes.)

[Ketchapp’s] 2048 was at the top of the charts for years, pulling in large sums, basically cashing in on this product that was the result of this chain of clones,” Vollmer explains.


Despite this, he is quick to dismiss any sympathy. Overall, Threes was a huge success. It enabled him to launch two separate game studios while continuing to work on projects. That was the goal he had set for himself.

So, for whom does he feel sorry?

“The guy who produced 2048, Gabriele Cirulli, did not see any monetary advantage from his effort,” he explains.

Cirulli would never be wealthy in 2048, it’s true.

Cirulli released 2048 to Github under the MIT License, which permits anybody to use, copy, or sell a work without restriction. In my opinion, the MIT License is the finest representation of an open-source internet. Cirulli, on the other hand, had to make a split-second decision.


“I didn’t know much about licenses,” Cirulli explains, “and I thought, ‘MIT is the easiest one.’” He adds, “It’s the shortest one.”

He built 2048 with the assumption that just a few individuals would ever see it. Why would it matter what kind of license he had?

But it was because of this that Ketchapp was able to commercialize the game and even utilize the same name. Cirulli’s 2048 was released on the App Store just over a week after theirs. It quickly rose to the top of the game charts.

“After 2048, I never felt attached to the concept of making money.” Therefore, I don’t regret what happened.

Imitation has become Ketchapp’s bankable model, even for concepts that weren’t covered by the MIT License. The company would also release its own versions of the year’s most popular game, Flappy Bird, an app that epitomized the “hyper casual” game genre at the time.

In fact, according to a statement released to Techydeed, Ketchapp “launched the hyper-casual gaming business” with the release of 2048: “With the debut of 2048, Ketchapp founded the hyper-casual gaming market.” In-game advertising generates roughly 90% of the revenue in this sector of super-snackable games. “


Cirulli would almost certainly have gotten a cut of Ketchapp’s revenues if he had released 2048 under a different license. (Or, more likely, simply snatched.)Even with hindsight, he seemed satisfied with the conclusion. Cirulli tells me, “It’s not something that keeps me awake at night.”

The majority of the demands came from outside sources. People were urging me on, saying things like, ‘Oh, you’re missing out on this opportunity.’ “You’re squandering your money,” Cirulli recalls. “I’ve never felt really attached to the idea of generating money in 2048.” As a result, I have no regrets about what happened. “

He only wishes Ketchapp had contacted him, if only for some acknowledgement. Despite the fact that their game is “inspired by Gabriele Cirulli”, according to the App Store description, he has never been approached by the developer. (Ketchapp refused to say why they never contacted me.)

As a result, Cirulli received a variety of prizes as a result of his focus. After the explosion of 2048, a friend contacted me regarding an employment opportunity. Cirulli relocated to the United States for three months to enroll in the famed Y Combinator startup accelerator. It paved the way for him to work for a number of businesses. Cirulli is currently employed as an engineer at AgileBits and resides in Amsterdam.

Cirulli reflects on his journey to find happiness and contentment in the year 2048. He’s proud of what he created, but that’s just the start: “[The experience] taught me a lot about the worth of my own work, and about my own ideals in terms of who I want to be.”


That, after all, was why he’d created 2048 in the first place: to figure out what he wanted to accomplish with his life.

As I began covering this story, a minor squabble occurred over the viral daily puzzle game Wordle. Wordle was cloned for iOS (named Wordle) by a developer. He brags about how much money he’ll make from it, and he’s been dragged on Twitter as a result. In reaction to his critics, Apple pulled his version from the App Store, and he chose to tweet through it.

Wordle is a fascinating subject since its virality is partly due to its accessibility: it’s a free browser-based game, similar to 2048. The game mechanics were inspired by Lingo, a British game show that aired in the 1980s. Because Wordle was a knockoff of sorts, the guilty iOS developer claimed that this was what gave him permission to market his copycat. (We’ve decided to keep his name anonymous because he isn’t well-known; he hasn’t responded to Techydeed requests for comment.)

Mostly, it’s amusing that we’re still having the same imitation discussions nearly a decade later.

Threes is still the most important project Vollman and Wohlwend have ever worked on. Unless you consider their impact on 2048, And didn’t they, in some tiny way, contribute to a phenomenally successful game?


“I’m kind of proud of 2048,” Vollmer adds, “because it’s a major game that had a tremendous impact on a lot of people’s lives and it’s strongly, massively, heavily reliant on my design work.”

Wohlwend seems unconcerned that his artwork did not survive the transition from Threes to 2048. He still believes that his aesthetic — which he describes as “flat, pleasant, and colorful” — has resonance in the mobile game market.

It’s obviously the better game from a creative point of view. About that, there is no doubt. “

That universe has only expanded in size and profit. Ubisoft, a big game firm, bought Ketchapp in 2016. Since 2014, the firm has released 240 games; the free-to-play model has grown beyond the mobile game market and is now a source of revenue for some of the world’s most successful console and PC games. The company wouldn’t provide me with revenue data, although both the iOS and Android versions of 2048 have over 100 million downloads combined, according to the company. Ketchapp’s 2048 is currently ranked 39 in the App Store’s “board games” category. (When I looked, the most popular game in the shop was a Wordle clone—not the one that got flamed on Twitter, but this one, named Wordle!)

Threes’ commercial and free versions now make about the same amount of money. Apple Arcade, the company’s foray into the new business model of gaming subscription services, now has an improved version called Threes+.

Cirulli’s lessons, nearly a decade later, are more personal.


“It took me years to realize,” he says, “that I actually get to partake in the success of 2048 without feeling guilty about it.” “I felt like a fraud for a long time because I created something that sort of blew up in my hands.”

Cirulli is asked if he’s ever played threes. He accomplished it just a few months after 2048 was released.

To be honest, I’m not sure I got the hang of it. He admits, “It felt like it went a little over my head.” It’s clearly the superior game in terms of creativity. That is beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Cirulli, on the other hand, is careful about the differences. Threes is a more difficult encounter, a true game that demands commitment and consideration from its players. If Threes was like reading a book, then 2048 was like surfing through Reddit. Finally, 2048 is a game that appears complex but isn’t. That is, in his opinion, the beauty of what he has made.

Cirulli’s 2048 website is still visited by roughly 200,000 individuals every day.


“It’s a really basic game with no clear rules.” So you get to do whatever you want with it.

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Drift Hunters Unblocked Play Drift Hunters




Drift Hunters Unblocked Play Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters Unblocked Play Drift Hunters

Get ready to be enticed by the thrilling, continuous interaction of drifting and actual vehicle tuning Drift Hunters. Become a hopeful and youthful road racer on his epic journey. Discover a vast array of fantastic driving tracks with their particular layout. Try out your stunning vehicles and unique driving skills in each of them however you like.

Additionally, the ever-changing and fascinating interaction of tuning your vehicle and customizing it will entice many players who want to master the art of customizing their cars. In this case, you will have various tuning options, which allows you to work on the character of your Drift moves and gain more success in the game.

Explore this fascinating and multi-faceted title by Ilya Kaminetsky by taking the inside-out audits.

Drift Hunters Unblocked Story/Gameplay

In Drift Hunters, Android gamers can enjoy a blast exploring their fantastic collection of automobiles, everyone with their own unique and exciting plans and driving experiences. Follow the young car enthusiast and road racer who was always looking for control across the globe while you try to find the most impressive vehicles and enjoy turning them into awe-inspiring beasts. Take your cars to the streets or unique track to test your drifting and driving abilities to the fullest extent.


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Enjoy a great time playing the daring and drifting interactivity that offers a variety of thrilling and real-life driving experiences. Also, you can build a carport that will upgrade your vehicles and exhibits. Make use of the latest and innovative tuning that will improve your ride in various ways. Additionally, you can work on their paint jobs and other highlights to peacefully modify your ride in multiple ways. Explore an array of unique available vehicles that you can unlock and make the most of. Take pleasure in top-to-bottom driving and drifting continuous interactions that will keep you engaged in the entire experience. Explore various excellent tuning options and upgrade options to upgrade your vehicle thoroughly. The overview continues.

Drift Hunters Graphics

In Drift Hunters, Android gamers can play to their heart’s content with the exciting interactivity of mobile hustling at any time they want. With the use of practical driving materials technology, vibrant visuals that are unique, attractive car movements, and a myriad of functional 3D visual elements and components, you will be able to immerse yourself in the great excitement of swaggering completely the more due to the flexible graphics; it is possible to take part in the pleasant and constant interplay with Drift Hunters on all of your cell phones.

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Drift Hunters Sound & Music

In addition to captivating visual elements, Drift Hunters likewise gives players amazing audio effects and energetic soundtracks that constantly keep you hooked to the beautiful game you can play on your mobile. Enjoy the fantastic motor sounds of various rides, experience the floats as you listen to the sounds of the pavement, and take part in the thrills with awe-inspiring music.


Drift Hunters Gameplay

Android gamers can enjoy the beautiful vehicles featured in Drift Hunters (MOD Unlimited Money). Every car has different plans for driving and experience. You’ll follow an enthusiastic young driver and road racer who tries to take home the most cars and is determined to create the most amazing. It is possible to take cars out in the city and go to different tracks to practice your skills at drifting.

Enjoy hustling and drifting with real-life experiences. To improve your motor display and motors, you could also use the carport. To enhance your vehicle, look into exciting and precise tuning. You could also revamp your car by changing the paint jobs or other elements.

Explore a vast array of vehicles you can use to benefit from the game’s components. You’ll be caught by drifting and top to bottom driving interaction. To make your car more enjoyable, try various options for tuning and overhaul. You can continue endlessly.

Drift Hunters Game Features

  • There are over 25 drift cars. Drive your fantasies
  • Complete vehicle tuning
  • This is an absolute vehicle modification. Explore four paint types to paint your vehicle. Change edges, paint edges. Could you change it?
  • You can improve the design of your vehicle by using a more extensive pallet.
  • 10 tracks are ideal for dashing or drifting.
  • Sensible drift physical science
  • Procure drift concentrates on gathering them.
  • Try different care strategies.

Drift Hunters Cars

  • BMW M3
  • Toyota Supra
  • Honda S2000
  • Ford Fiesta ST
  • Nissan 370Z coupe
  • Dodge Challenger Hellcat
  • Nissan GTR
  • Porsche 911 GT
  • 18 more vehicles…


Floating can be described as a work of art. Once you master the hang of it, you’ll be able to see the reason we enjoy it so much on Drifted!

It may be challenging to get the basics right initially. Still, your knowledge and creativity will soon be rewarded when you assemble combinations for your beloved floats and even redesigns.

Remember that floating has to do with having fun.


We are confident that once you’ve put in time and energy into the art of floating in the water, you’ll appreciate Drift Hunters never like before and soon be able to build your dream vehicle collection.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the actual floating techniques, We strongly recommend looking at our top-to-bottom How to Drift guide.

If you are looking for more floating games, look for Arcade Car Drift or Drift Runner 3D: Port. Similar to Drift Hunters, these are each free to enjoy within the Drifted Arcade, located close to other games!

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RTX 3090 Gigabyte Gaming OC Thermal Pad Guide




RTX 3090 Gigabyte Gaming OC Thermal Pad Guide

We researched the thirty models of the 3080 GPU and recorded the thickness of their thermal pads. This will make it easier to replace thermal pads caused by VRAM overheating for all gamers who have trouble with VRAM overheating.

It is suggested to use as high-temperature conductivity thermal pads as possible. Anything with a rating of 8 W/mK is likely to be sufficient. You can see how easy it is to switch the thermal paste here (we will be preparing separate guides for thermal pads shortly).

It is not advised to put 2x 1-millimeter thick thermal pads to make one 2mm pad, resulting in decreased performance. But it is likely to perform better than the standard thermal pads.

Be aware that the numbers below are only applicable to memory modules.


The Front = The cooler aspect of the GPU

Back = the Backplate part of the GPU

RTX 3090 Gigabyte Gaming OC Thermal Pad Guide

RTX 3080 Thermal Pad Thickness

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC2.0mm3.0mm (optional)
Gigabyte RTX 3080 Vision OC2.0mm3.0mm (optional)
Gigabyte RTX 3080 Aorus Xtreme 2.0mm3.0mm
Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC Waterforce WB2.0mm2.5mm
ASUS RTX 3080 ROG Strix2.0mm2.0mm
MSI RTX 3080 Ventus 3x2.0mm
MSI RTX 3080 Ventus OC2.0mm3.0mm (optional)
MSI RTX 3080 Suprim X3.0mm
Palit RTX 3080 Gaming Pro0.75mm*
Dell RTX 3080 OEM1.0mm1.5mm (optional)
HP RTX 3080 OEM1.0mm1.0mm
NVIDIA RTX 3080 Founders Edition1.5mm1.5mm (optional)
Zotac RTX 3080 AMP  Holo2.0mm
Colorful iGame 3080 Ultra OC (Black)2.0mm3.0mm

RTX 3090 Thickness of Thermal Pads

RTX 3090 Founders Edition1.5mm1.5mm
Gigabyte RTX 3090 Vision OC2.0mm2.0mm
Gigabyte RTX 3090 Eagle OC2.0mm2.0mm
ASUS RTX 3090 ROG Strix2.0mm2.0mm
ASUS RTX 3090 TUF1.5mm2.0mm or 2.5mm (soft)
MSI RTX 3090 Ventus 3X2.0mm2.0mm
MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio1.0mm3.0mm + 1.5mm (heatpipe)
Gainward RTX 3090 Phoenix0.75mm (1.0mm)1.0mm
PNY RTX 3090 XLR80.75mm (1.0mm)1.0mm
HP Omen RTX 3090 OEM1.0mm1.0mm

We will keep updating our table once we collect more data.

We’d love to hear if you missed any model on the Reddit webpage or the Discord server.

Disclaimer: Not all of the above-listed GPU thermal pads have been measured using Techydeed, and others were obtained from public forums, such as Reddit and Discord. We are not liable for any liability if the listed GPU pads’ thickness is not in line with the model you have used.


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Xbox Series Z video has viewers thinking about whether the console is actual




Xbox Series Z video has viewers thinking about whether the console is actual

Video footage of the Xbox Series Z portable console is making the rounds, with footage of the handheld Xbox being widely shared on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The console was conceived by popular video maker imkashama, but the high quality of the design has made people question whether or it is this Xbox Series Z is real.

Does the Xbox Series Z real?

xbox handheld concept copy copy
Xbox Series Z

The Xbox Series Z is a concept to create a handheld console by video maker imkashama. Imkashama is well-known for its futuristic design inspired by modern technology and for offering his take on the likes of the iPhone, iPod, and even the PSP. Xbox Series Z Xbox Series Z is the latest of a range of concepts, getting a lot of attention that people are wondering if this is an actual piece of hardware in the works from Microsoft.

In the light of the fact that Microsoft recently announced its Xbox Series X and S, the consoles are scheduled to be released by the end of November 2020, and the company isn’t working with the Xbox Series Z. The concept of imkashama is impressive, but it’s not an actual product that users can purchase.

Check out the following video.

Xbox Series Z Handheld Concept

Although there isn’t any release date set on this version of the Xbox Series Z, it’s evident why it’s proved to be so fascinating to the casual observer. The rumors of the possibility of a portable Xbox have been floating around for a while. In Nakashima’s other work, the idea presented in this video is more sophisticated than any other handheld console currently on the market.


It’s not the only strange console design we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Even though it was confirmed that the PS5 Starbucks edition was revealed to be a ruse, however, the KFConsole was nothing but. Since we’ll soon be able to buy a console designed to keep our chicken fried warm while we play, it’s no surprise that some believed that it was the Xbox Series Z were a real-time system that was coming soon.

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