Retaining the Facebook office delayed until 2022 in the USA

There are no plans for a complete reopening before October.

Facebook confirmed that it had delayed plans for US workers returning to work until next year, citing concerns over the rise in cases of COVID-19 delta.

Our approach to returning to work is based on data, not dates. Our teams in the US won’t be required to return to the office until January 2022 due to recent data showing an increase in Covid cases based upon the Delta variant. This will also be true for certain countries outside the US. We will continue to monitor the situation, and we will work with experts to ensure that our return to office plans are safe for everyone.

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook was still planning to have fully reopened offices by October with requirements for vaccination and masking. With an eye on local data regarding infections, the 50% return in September and the ramp-up to full capacity are still months away. Dependent on local circumstances, offices outside the US could reopen in the latter part of the year.

We noticed that Facebook, just like Uber and Microsoft, was scheduling office reopenings in spring. Now, like Amazon, it’s responding to a new wave of infections by delaying pandemic reopenings until January 2022.


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