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The release date for AEW video game, developer, trailers, gameplay, legends, and all the information you need

Three new games from AEW, WWE’s new competitor, are coming soon.

AEW video game

Have you been waiting for two years for an AEW game? Three AEW video games are now in the works. AEW stands for All-Elite Wrestling. Since its 2019 debut, fans have repeatedly praised the new upstart fed for sprucing up the grape industry – making it the first legitimate rival to WWE in over two decades. Below GR outlines the digital triple threat and shows the first gameplay footage. You can also see how the Yuke’s-designed sim might look.

Trailer for AEW videogame: Watch the teaser now

AEW video game
Image credit: AEW

The first AEW trailer was released in November 2020. It features Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho smacking each other in the face – with a surprise interruption. You can watch it now on Youtube.

Three titles are headed your way from AEW Video Game Release Date.

The first AEW videogame release date is ‘out now. This applies to AEW Casino Double Or Nothing, launched for Android and iOS on February 26th. It offers “AEW-branded versions (slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette) along with AEW music and sounds, virtual wrestler avatars, gift packages, and other AEW-branded content. It’s also possible to win actual AEW merchandise and prizes through live tournaments or sweepstakes. It’s cool.

Next is AEW Elite GM. This mobile offering will be available on both Android and iOS later in 2021. It is described by the company as the “evolution of the GM simulation genre, taking strategic elements from simulation and fantasy games to create a competitive space for the wrestling industry to participate in.”

This guide focuses on the upcoming AEW sim wrestle game for PS5 or Xbox Series X. It is expected to be released in early 2022. It has a very well-known name as its leader.

Yuke’s AEW videogame developer is back.

2000 N64 release WWE No Mercy. Virtual wrestling is a legend. Syn Sophia, a Japanese developer, was heavily involved in the news about an AEW game. Fans responded with unrestrained joy: Syn Sophia is currently the AKI Corporation’s No Mercy developer.

These rumors were proved to be false. Another Japanese studio is responsible for AEW’s console debut. Since the release of the PS1 classic WWF Smackdown in 2000, Yuke’s has been associated with digitalized powerbombs, spine busters, and 2K’s decision not to work with the developer during the creation of WWE 2K20 was seen as the reason for its demise. This led to WWE 2K21 being canceled.

After THQ took over the Smackdown series, Yuke’s reputation began to slip. But that’s precisely why the switch to AEW games should be exciting: It’s a new start for a respected developer with a point. There is also an AKI Corporation connection. Hideyuki “Geta,” creator of No Mercy, is an advisor to the project.

AEW video games: Who will make it?

AEW video game
Image credit: AEW

Several WWE legends will be playing significant roles on the AEW sim. Chris Jericho is one of them: he was confirmed alongside Kenny Omega, the longest-serving women’s champion, and Hikaru Shida. Dean Ambrose, a former Shield member, is set to appear under his AEW title of Jon Moxley. He will be joined by Jake Hager (Jack Swagger), Pac Neville (Jack Swagger), Cody Rhodes (Codey Rhodes), and Matt Hardy (Jack Swagger).

Expect Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) to make an appearance. Jon Huber (real name Jon Huber) died in December 2020 at 41 years old. AEW has maintained his legacy with moves like awarding Brodie Jr. the red TNT Championship belt. You can also suspect that a part in the videogame will be a small tribute to a man loved by his contemporaries.

You can find more information about the people we expect to be in the cut at GR’s AEW list guide.

AEW videogame legends: A Sting in this Tale

When it comes to selling wrestling games, appealing to old-school fans can be crucial. This is why WWE frequently packs its sim offerings with more offbeat efforts like WWE 2K Battlegrounds that feature famous wrestlers from the past. PES 2021 and FIFA 21 offer the chance to play as Diego Maradona and Frank Rijkaard, but there is a slim chance that Steve Austin or The Rock will appear in a TNA match.

However, the hot newcomer can also call on some of the familiar veterans, such as Jericho or Hardy. Sting, a former WCW world champion and a massive attraction at WWE 2K, debuted in 2020. He will be a prominent figure in the new video game. Taz, Jake’ The Snake,’ Roberts, Arn Anderson, and Billy Gunn all have on-air roles. They could get makeovers to reflect their prime years. Bret Hart is also an option. The ‘Hitman,’ who has always been critical of WWE, made a surprise appearance at Double Or Nothing in May 2019 for AEW.

He said that he had a lot of affection for its efforts, and he supported them. “I hope they become an actual big wrestling company in next year.” Well, that was the last part.

Details of AEW gameplay: What can we expect?

Omega, a huge gaming fan, and main eventer, say that this will not be Yuke’s old wrestling sims. He tells Talksport that the biggest challenge is to represent current wrestling in a way that makes it feel old-fashioned. It’s different now than it was in 2000.

This first footage shows that it will be a Smackdown/No Mercy hybrid. It offers a certain amount of reality but is equally focused on heavy fisticuffs and blockbuster moves. The big surprise is Hikaru Shida, a female grappler, slamming Omega at its climax if you haven’t seen it yet. This suggests that male vs. female matches – which has been a massive no-no in WWE games in recent years – are now in. Online modes and create-a-wrestler are also confirmed.

Live updates for AEW video game: Are they possible?

According to Omega, yes. The series’ inability or inability to keep up to date with new signings, surprise departures, or other roster changes is a significant problem in recent WWE games. Omega said that changing the perception that wrestling games should be locked for a full calendar year is a top priority for AEW’s and Yuke’s.

As incredible as the launch was, it will only get better as we grow our roster. Let’s suppose we add a pay-per-view name and add an arena. Then let’s assume we sign anyone, anywhere! We want to be able to support those new additions… This is the plan! This will allow everyone to keep up-to-date with the AEW roster and how it grows.

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