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Pokemon Masters Tier List (2021),: Best Sync Couples

Pokemon Masters Tier List

Pokemon Masters EX
Pokemon Masters EX

Are you a Pokemon Master Ex Player? Are you looking for the best characters to play on your team? This blog post will provide all the information you need. This list contains the most popular and powerful pairs for each type. If you’re looking to build a deck or make changes to your existing one, we have all the information.

This post will discuss the Pokemon Masters Tier List. This list includes the most powerful sync pairs you can find. These Pokemon can deal with many types of Pokemon, so you should not have any trouble finding the right pair.

The ranking is from “S” through “E”, with higher-ranking players are more powerful than their lower-ranked counterparts.

For those who don’t know, a tier list is a system that determines the strength of each character in an online game based on their performance and abilities.

Pokemon Masters EX – A Quick Introduction

Pokemon Masters EX is an Android and iOS mobile game that’s free to play. You can play the game on either Android or iOS devices. You can train and collect a variety of Pokemon through the RPG-style battle system.

The objective of the game: defeat other trainers worldwide to become the best trainer. Your success is dependent on your ability to build strong teams to fight in specific battles. You also need to develop each member of your team to their full potential.

It would help if you defeated all opponents to achieve the goal of becoming the new Champion. The Pokemon Masters Tier List contains a list of all sync pairs and their ranking based on their power in pairs. This list can be used to determine which Pokemon you should use against specific opponents.

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List of Pokemon Tiers (2021)

Pokemon Masters is a mobile-based game that allows players to battle Pokemon. How do you decide which pair is better? We’re here for you.

We have created a Pokemon Masters Tier List in order of battle effectiveness and strength. This is how we help players find the “one” they love and then work together to level up!

There are six levels total. The higher your tier is, the stronger your Pokémon’s sync pairs will be. This list is intended to help players find the right partner for them. Let’s begin with the top tier.

Pokemon Masters Tier List S

Sync Pair Type
Player – Torchic Support
Skyla – Swanna Support
Steven – Mega Metagross Physical Strike
Sygna Suit Red – Mega Charizard X Special Attack Strike
Sygna Suit Elsa – Rotom Support
Sygna Suit Leaf – Mega Venusaur Tech
Serena – Delphox Tech
Cynthia – Mega Garchomp Physical Strike



Pokemon Masters Tier List A 

Sync Pair Type
Brendan – Sceptile Physical Strike
Steven – Alolan Sandslash Physical Strike
Olivia – Midnight Lycanroc Physical Strike
Sabrina – Alakazam Support
Lyra – Meganium Support
Rosa – Delibird Support
Giovanni – Mewtwo Special Attack Strike
Karen – Mega Houndoom Special Attack Striker
Blue – Mega Pidgeot Special Attack Striker
Sygna Suit Cynthia – Kommo-O Special Attack Striker
Acerola – Palossand Tech
Will – Xatu Tech
Agatha – Mega Gengar Tech
Flannery – Torkoal Tech



Pokemon Masters Tier List B 

Sync Pair Type
Sygna Suit Blue – Mega Blastoise Support
Phoebe – Dusknoir Support
Misty – Starmie Support
Drake – Salamence Support
Wally – Mega Gallade Physical Striker
Iris – Haxorus Physical Striker
Noland – Mega Pinsir Physical Striker
Korrina – Mega Lucario Physical Striker
Sygna Suit Grimsley – Sharpedo Physical Striker
Cyrus – Palkia Special Attack Striker
Flint – Infernape Special Attack Striker
Player – Solgaleo Special Attack Striker
Player – Pikachu Special Attack Striker
Lance – Dragonite Special Attack Striker
Burgh – Leavanny Special Attack Striker
Caitlin – Reuniclus Special Attack Striker
Brock – Onix Tech
Professor Oak – Mew Tech
Koga – Crobat Tech

Pokemon Masters Tier List C 

Sync Pair Type
Rosa – Serperior Support
Glacia – Mega Glalie Support
Hilbert – Samurott Support
Roxanne – Probopass Support
Guzma – Golisopod Physical Striker
Lyra – Jigglypuff Physical Striker
Hilda – Emboar Physical Striker
Kris – Feraligatr Physical Striker
Bruno – Machamp Physical Striker
Elesa – Zebstrika Physical Striker
Roxie – Scolipede Physical Striker
Plumeria – Salazzle Special Attack Striker
Ethan – Typhlosion Special Attack Striker
Hau – Alolan Raichu Special Attack Striker
Pryce – Dewgong Special Attack Striker
Zinnia – Rayquaza Special Attack Striker
Silver – Ho-oh Special Attack Striker
Shauntal – Chandelure Special Attack Striker
Ramos – Victreebel Tech
Crasher Wake – Floatzel Tech
Winona – Pelipper Tech
Wallace – Milotic Tech
Blaine – Rapidash Tech
Kukui – Lycanroc Tech
Sophocles – Togedemaru Tech
Erika – Vileplume Tech
Viola – Masquerain Tech

Pokemon Masters Tier List D 

Sync Pair Type
Jasmine – Mega Steelix Support
Dawn – Torterra Support
Leaf – Eevee Support
Liza – Lunatone Support
Cheren – Stoutland Support
Bugsy – Mega Beedrill Physical Striker
Marshal – Conkeldur Physical Striker
Tate – Solrock Physical Striker
Norman – Slaking Physical Striker
Roark – Rampardos Physical Striker
Morty – Drifblim Physical Striker
Barry – Empoleon Special Striker
Gardenia – Roserade Special Striker
Grimsley – Liepard Tech
Clemont – Heliolisk Tech
Candice – Abomasnow Tech
Thorton – Bronzong Tech
Calem – Meowstic Tech
Clay – Seismitoad Tech
Lucy – Seviper Tech
Lt. Surge – Electrode Tech
Nanu – Alolan Persian Tech

Pokemon Masters Tier List E 

Sync Pair Type
Marley – Arcanine Support
Cheryl – Blissey Support
Maylene – Medicham Support
Marlon – Carracosta Support
Wulfric – Avalugg Physical Striker
Kahili – Toucannon Physical Striker
Sygna Suit Brock – Tyranitar Physical Striker
Hapu – Mudsdale Physical Striker
Fantina – Mismagius Special Attack Striker
Siebold – Clawitzer Special Attack Striker
Clair – Kingdra Special Attack Striker
Valerie – Sylveon Special Attack Striker
Brycen – Cryogonal Tech
Mina – Granbull Tech
Brawly – Hariyama Tech
Grant – Aurorus Tech
Lorelei – Lapras Tech
Janine – Ariados Tech
Whitney – Miltank Tech
Siebold – Octillerys Tech
pokemon masters tier list
pokemon masters tier list

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of selecting characters from higher Tiers?

Higher Tier Pokemon Masters are more likely to win because they are stronger than their lower-tier counterparts. If all else fails, high-tier Pokemon Masters can still evolve to even more powerful forms by using an evolution stone or levelling up!

2. What are the advantages of the Pokemon Masters Tier List List?

This list has many benefits. It will allow players to find the right partner for them. This list can also indicate which Pokemon Masters have higher stats so that you can make better decisions regarding your team-building.

3.How can I use the Pokemon Masters Tier List?

You can use the Pokemon Masters Tier List by searching for your character to determine which tier they are in. Each tier has unique advantages that set them apart from each other. There are six of these tiers.

Last words

For gamers looking to find the right partner for their team, the Pokemon Masters Tier List can be a great resource. Each tier is broken down into six groups. This allows players to make better decisions about which characters they want on their team. I hope you find this Tier List useful, and it helps you choose wisely your Pokemon Masters!

We wish you all the best in your quest to be crowned Champion.


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