Player Unknown describes Prologue, a post PUBG project that is all his own

This open-world survival tech demo will allow you to pay whatever you like

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (or Game for Peace in China) is already one the most influential and successful games of its kind, just four years after it was released. Brendan Greene, an Irish DJ and web designer, was the director of the game. He is directly responsible for creating battle royale games such as Fortnite, CoD Warzone, Apex Legends, and many others.

He announced this week that he had left the Korean company for which he was famous for his battle royale vision. On Thursday, he also revealed his plans for his next project.

It’s called Prologue, and it will be a pay-what-you-want tech demo designed to illustrate the kinds of games that Greene wants to build next: “We want to create realistic sandbox worlds on a scale that’s seldom attempted, worlds hundreds of kilometres across with thousands of players interacting, exploring and creating,” he says.

Greene claims that his team has created a neural network capable of creating “massive realistic open universes at runtime — every time you press the play key.” He calls it a breakthrough and says that Prologue will be “a simple introduction into an early iteration of our technology.”

Here is his complete description of the Prologue.

You will need to navigate a runtime-generated wilderness and find tools and resources to survive in harsh conditions. There won’t be any guidance or a path to follow. You will only have a place on the map and the tools to get there.

There’s no word on when we should expect Prologue yet, but Greene gave an exclusive interview to VentureBeat‘s Dean Takahashi. It should go live at 8:45 AM on Saturday, according to the publication.

The company Greene left is also a shareholder in VentureBeat. Krafton (formerly known as PUBG Corp, and before that Bluehole Studio) is also working on its next game, a fantasy epic currently known as “Project Windless” based on Korean folklore.


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