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Play is a serious business reading answers is a serious business



play is a serious business reading answers

Play is a serious business of reading answers. Is it true that play aids in the development of larger, more capable brains? Bryant Furlow is on the case. Reading is a serious business.

A. Playing is a serious undertaking. Children absorbed in a make-believe world, fox cubs playing with a ball of string, and kittens teaming up with a ball of string aren’t only having a good time. Play may appear to be a carefree and joyful way to pass the time before the hard labor of adulthood arrives, but it is much more. For starters, animals can die as a result of their play. Eighty percent of juvenile fur seal deaths are caused by playful pups failing to notice predators coming. In terms of energy, it is likewise prohibitively expensive. Playful young animals spend about 2% to 3% of their energy cavorting, and in youngsters, that ratio can be closer to 15%. “Even two or three percent is significant,” says Idaho University’s John Byers. He continues, “You just don’t find animals wasting energy like that.” There has to be a purpose for this.

B. But, if play isn’t just a developmental blip, as some scientists formerly believed, why did it evolve? According to the current theory, play has developed to help people develop large brains. To put it another way, playing makes you smarter. Playfulness appears to be limited to mammals, while a few larger-brained birds are known to engage in it. Tail-wagging in dogs, for example, is a common sign used by animals at play to convey that an action that appears to be adult-like isn’t really so. Play, according to common belief, aids juveniles in developing the abilities they will need as adults to hunt, mate, and socialize. Another benefit is that it helps young animals prepare for adulthood by increasing their respiratory endurance. Both of these concepts have been called into doubt in recent years.

C. Take, for example, the workout theory. You’d expect to observe long-term advantages if play were developed to build muscles or as a form of endurance training. However, Byers points out that the benefits of increased activity fade quickly once training ceases, thus many of the gains in endurance made during childhood would be gone by maturity. “If the purpose of play was to get in shape,” Byers explains, “the best time to play would be when it was most advantageous for the young of a species to do so.” But that isn’t how it works. ‘ Play tends to peak around midway through the suckling stage and then drop across species.


D. There’s also the skills-training theory to consider. At first glance, it appears that playing animals are practicing the sophisticated maneuvers they would need as adults. However, a closer examination indicates that this view is overly simplistic. In one study, Tim Caro, a behavioral ecologist at the University of California, looked at kittens’ predatory play and their predatory behavior as adults. He discovered that the manner in which the cats played had little bearing on their hunting abilities later in life.

E. Sergio Pellis of Lethbridge University in Canada showed earlier this year that there is a clear positive relationship between brain size and playfulness in mammals in general. He and his colleagues discovered that large brains (for a given body size) are associated with more playfulness when they compared measurements for fifteen orders of mammals. The opposite was also discovered to be true. Because large brains are more susceptible to developmental cues than smaller brains, Durham University’s Robert Barton argues that they require more play to help shape them for maturity. “I came to the conclusion that it had something to do with learning and the significance of environmental data to the brain during development,” he explains.

F. The timing of the playful stage in young animals, according to Byers, provides an essential hint to what’s going on. When you look at how much time a child spends playing each day over the course of their development, you’ll notice a pattern that’s usually associated with a “sensitive period,” which is a brief period of development during which the brain can be changed in ways that aren’t possible earlier or later in life. Consider how young children — but not infants or adults — learn language with relative ease. Other studies have discovered that play in cats, rats, and mice is at its optimum just as this “window of opportunity” closes.

G. People haven’t paid enough attention to how much of the brain is affected by games, “says Colorado University’s Marc Bekoff.” Bekoff observed coyote pups playing and discovered that their behavior was far more erratic and unpredictable than that of adults. According to him, such behavior activates many distinct areas of the brain. According to Bekoff, it’s like a behavioral kaleidoscope, with animals at play moving quickly between occupations. “They employ behavior from a variety of contexts,” he says, citing predation, aggression, and reproduction as examples. Their developing brains are being stimulated in a variety of ways.

H. The letter H.Not only is there more brain activity than previously thought, but it also appears to engage higher cognitive functions. “Play has a lot of cognitive participation,” says Bekoff. He emphasizes that play frequently entails complicated appraisals of playmates, reciprocity concepts, and the application of specialized signals and norms. He argues that play develops a brain that is more adaptable in its behavior and has a larger capacity for learning later in life. Gettysburg College’s Stephen Siviy’s research supports the theory. Siviy investigated how various types of play affected the levels of a chemical involved in nerve cell stimulation and proliferation in the brain.He was taken aback by the magnitude of the activation. “Play brings everything to life,” he says. Play may boost creativity by permitting link-ups between brain areas that might not typically communicate with one another.


I. I’ll explain in more detail later.What may more experiments reveal about how children are raised in today’s world? We already know that rat pups who are denied the opportunity to play have smaller brain components and are unable to apply social rules when interacting with their peers. Play is expected to get even less of a look-in as schooling begins earlier and becomes more exam-oriented. Who knows what will happen as a result of that?

27-32 questions

There are nine paragraphs labeled “A-I” in Reading Passage 3. Which of the following paragraphs includes the information?

Fill in boxes 27–32 on your answer sheet with the correct letter A-I.

NB: Any letter may be used more than once.

Playing in this manner creates uncommon and advantageous connections in the brain.


Insights gleaned by tracking the amount of time that young animals spend playing

A description of the physical dangers that can be encountered while playing

The mental activities that are exercised and developed during play are described.

The possible consequences of a decrease in play chances for people

The animal groups for whom play is significant


33-35 questions

Pick three letters from A to F.

Fill in boxes 33–35 on your answer sheet with your answers.

The following is a list of different perspectives on play.

Which three options are mentioned by the text’s author?

A. a warm-up for upcoming adult activities


B. a method for animals to demonstrate their worth to their peers

C. is a strength-building activity geared for adulthood.

D. a means of expressing one’s emotions

A retaliatory strategy

F. is an activity that aids organ development.


36–40 questions

Take a look at the findings from the following researchers (Questions 36–40).

Assign the proper findings to each researcher.

Fill in boxes 36–40 on your response sheet with the correct letters A–H.

Table of Contents

A. There is a link between playing and a certain chemical in the brain.

B. Play offers information about the physical environment.


C. Different types of play can be linked to different phases of evolution.

D. Mammals with smaller brains have a tendency to play less.

E. Playing is not a type of fitness training for the future.

F. Some larger-brained birds participate in playful behavior.

G. During play, a variety of activities are mixed.


H. Play is a way of teaching survival skills.

36. Robert Barton

37. Marc Bekoff

38. John Byers

39. Sergio Pellis


40. Stephen Siviy

Play is a serious business reading answers

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With more listings of businesses for sale and unique users, and the most active search engine of any website, it is the largest and most frequented marketplace for business for sale.

BizBuySell also boasts one of the most extensive databases of sold sale company equivalents and the top industry franchise directory.


Suppose you’re selling or buying an enterprise. It’s essential to outline the buyer’s or seller’s strategies and figure out ways to make additional cash to support your business.

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Get started with Gte technology.

If you’re looking for the best technology for your business, Gte technology is the place to start. Some applications help you with your work and tools that will help you look after your business. You can find everything you need here, and more. Gte technology is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a large business or if you’re looking to increase your business growth.

Add your business with Gte technology.

Gte technology is the perfect way to do business. Gte technology is all you need to get your business going with everything from office software to social media. You can find everything you need here, and more. There’s also a lot of good stuff here, including applications that help you with your work (such as On-The-Ground) and tools that will help you look after your business (such as On-Demand Tools).

When choosing the right technology for your business, Gte technology is the perfect answer. You can find everything you need here, and more. There’s also a lot of good stuff here, including applications that help you with your work (such as On-The-Ground) and tools that will help you look after your business (such as On-Demand Tools). When it comes to technology, Gte technology is the perfect answer.


Make your business more efficient with Gte technology.

Some many applications and tools can help you improve your business efficiency. If you’re looking for an efficient business, Gte technology is a great place to start.

Choose the right software for your business.

When you choose the right software for your business, you can positively impact your performance. Some of the most popular software options are designed to help you manage and optimize your website, your social media pages, and your products and services. You might also want to consider tools to help you find and track your customers and sales. These options all have unique strengths and weaknesses that can be evaluated.

Online tools for work

Gte technology allows you to work even when you’re out of town. You can still get your work done and be connected to the community around you. It’s one of the reasons why online tools like On-The-Ground are so important. Plus, there’s also the bonus of working from anywhere.

Tools to help you stay organized

There are many tools out there to help you stay organized. There’s a tool for every business need, so Gte technology is the perfect place to start. They have an extensive toolkit, including tools that help keep your office clean and your workspace organized. You can also find tools to help your social media, including tools to help you connect with more people on social media and tools to help you track your social media activity.

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More tools for on-the-ground support

With Gte technology, you have the support that is available when you need it most. You don’t have to worry about being able to do your job when you have the correct tools. Support is always on hand to help you with everything from startup costs to the long-term care of your business. It’s a perfect way to keep track of your progress and ensure continued success.

It’s also worth noting that Gte technology has been known to lead to increased profits. In other words, if you want to run a successful business with Gte technology, it’s important to consider the factors such as how the platform works, what it can do, and what it can support.

End of Year Review: The Best of Gte Technology For Business

In the end of the year, it’s important to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work for your business in the past. After all, it is now our responsibility to keep business running like never before. There are many things that work in the past, but there are also many things that don’t work in the present. What does that mean for you? It means that now is the time for you to start thinking about ways to improve your business. It means that now is the time for you to start thinking about increasing your profits. It means that now is the time for you to start thinking about improving your efficiency. After all, it is now our responsibility to keep business running like never before. There are many things that work in the past, but there are also many things that don’t work in the present. What does that mean for you? It means that now is the time for you to start thinking about ways to improve your business. It means that now is the time for you to start thinking about increasing your profits. It means that now is the time for you to start thinking about ways of improving your efficiency.

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8 Profitable Online Business Ideas To Start In 2022 With An Investment As Low As Rs. 25,000




8 Profitable Online Business Ideas To Start In 2022 With Investment As Low As Rs 25,000

Starting a company in the online market is not difficult if you have a fantastic business idea. Here are eight fantastic internet business ideas that you can launch with as little as Rs. 25,000.

Screenshot 2
Source Image

Starting a business can be tough, especially if you have a limited budget. For example, inventory management, shipping, and marketing can shatter a novice’s confidence. It’s a long and difficult road, but when the plans are sound, the founders, stakeholders, and those who rely on them for a living benefit.

With a small investment, it is now possible to start an online business. We’ve put up a list of eight profitable internet business ideas that you may start with as little as Rs. 25,000.

The Top 8 Low-Cost Profitable Business Ideas

1. Papads’ Business

A papad business might be profitable due to the inexpensive initial investment. Start by making papad at home or work with papad makers in Amritsar, Guruvayoor, and Bikaner to get started. Rice papad, urad dal papad, moong dal papad, aalu papad, and Phool papad are just a few of the flavors available. SKUs can be chosen based on demand in specific regions.

The Amritsari papad company was launched in 1937 by S. Amanpreet Thind, a Ludhiana-based entrepreneur, with Rs 100. If you want to start a business, a Rs 25,000 investment will get you started sourcing papads and selling them online via social media or e-commerce.


2. The Spice Trade

In India, spices are a big business, with demand coming from all around the country. We used to, and still do, utilize fresh spices that we produced at home. Many spices are made at home, including garam masala, jeera masala, parantha masala, and others, and are in high demand.

Urmila and Aarti Samant, a mother-daughter duo from Mumbai, developed Masala Tokri, a spice brand they started by selling to their friends and family. In a little more than two years, the couple wants to reach a turnover of Rs 1 crore. The company is lucrative, and all it takes is a small investment in basic materials.

To begin this business in India, you must first understand why India is known as the “Land of Spices and Flavors.”

3. The Biscuit Business

Biscuits are always in demand, as we all know. Even during the epidemic, when other firms were suffering losses, Parle G Biscuits were sold in such large quantities that the previous 82-year record was shattered. Setting up a bakery product-making unit in such a situation can be a terrific solution.

To create a manufacturing unit that makes biscuits, cakes, chips, or bread, you’ll need to invest in a plant, low-capacity machinery, and raw materials.


Because biscuit enterprises are always in demand and profitable, they are a good investment. As a result, you, too, can establish this business with government assistance.

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4. Cutlery that may be thrown away

In India, disposable cutlery, ranging from plastic to areca to bamboo spoons, bowls, and plates, is in high demand, especially among quick service restaurants (QSRs), retailers, and customers for a range of occasions.

The disposable cutlery company is a low-investment, high-profit venture because the goods are obtained from local wholesalers or manufacturers.

As we all know, the country’s pollution problem has gotten much worse, and as a result, the government has prohibited plastic. As a result, most individuals avoid using plastic. As a result, demand for disposable cups or glasses has begun to rise in the market. Starting a throwaway glass-making business could be advantageous for you at this time.


5. Floriculture is a business.

You may make a lot of money in the flower industry. Flowers come in a variety of colors and shapes, which many people purchase for bouquets or decorations. You can learn about the locations where these flowers are grown, create a budget, and meet farmers to purchase flowers from.

This business can be started with as little as Rs 20,000 in a simple location. Buy flowers at a wholesale price from a flower shop and sell them as garlands, bouquets, and other decorations to make a double profit. If you spend Rs 1000 on retail flowers, you can sell them for Rs 2500 to Rs 3000.

6. A Bakery in Your Own Home

Setting up a basic home bakery business does not require a significant investment, but it does require a strong desire to bake as well as a small amount of money to buy an oven and baking supplies.

The originator of Mangalore’s Baker’s Treat, Mariam Mohuideen, began with a small bakery set built out of love. Baking is a craft, and launching a business in this field necessitates “thinking beyond the box,” she explains.

A home bakery might cost anywhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000 to start.


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7. Candles produced at home

People have been purchasing more candles, particularly scented candles, in recent years to complement their home décor and to give as gifts.Candles can be created at home or obtained from a third party for a low-cost start-up candle business.

You’ll also need a melting pot, a thermometer, a pour pot, a weighing scale, a hammer, and an oven, among other candle-making materials (to melt wax). The enterprise was founded with wax, wick, molds, thread, aroma oils, and other basic components.

8. Jewelry made of synthetic materials

Jewelery, like its necessity, is timeless. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, when most businesses were shut down, demand for fabricated minimalist jewelry pieces remained steady.

With as little as Rs 25,000, you can start your own faux jewelry business.Chinu Kala, the founder of Rubans, a Bangalore-based jewelry brand, believes that starting an imitation jewelry business is a great idea and that buying products in bulk for Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 is a decent investment.


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