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Mbappe refused to make a quick decision about his future, which has left PSG in a somewhat awkward position.

Paris Lionel Messi and Neymar, his Barcelona team-mate, have been reunited in an all-star attack at Paris Saint-Germain. But it is now unclear if the arrival of the Argentinian superstar will push Kylian Mbappe from the French top flight.

PSG wants the forwards to play together in an all-star attack. They hope this will win them the Champions League. However, Mbappe’s future is still uncertain.

Messi just signed a two-year contract for 35 million euros ($41million) per year, with the possibility of a third.

Neymar, a 29-year-old Brazilian soccer player, extended his contract with the club until 2025 in May.

Mbappe is out of contract at this point and remains a long-term target for Real Madrid.

The headline of AS, a Madrid-based sports newspaper, stated that “Mbappe can be achieved.”

“Mbappe is pushed aside by Messi’s arrival at PSG and it opens the door for Messi to arrive in Madrid.”

Mbappe refused to make a quick decision about his future, which has left PSG in a somewhat awkward position.

They don’t plan to sell him, but they do not want to see a player that costs 180 million euros ($211m), which is the second-highest transfer fee in history.

Mbappe stated that everyone knows I am attached to this club in a May interview with Canal Plus.

“But, I want to feel like I’m in a position where I can win and where there is a project to do that.

Nasser al-Khalifa, the Qatari president of PSG, was asked about Mbappe’s future at Messi’s unveiling. He said that Mbappe was in the best position to fulfill his Champions League ambitions.

“Kylian is a Parisian player. He is very competitive and has a winning mindset. Khelaifi stated that he has publicly declared his desire for a team with a high level of competition.

“He doesn’t have any excuse to do anything but stay.”

Real need new talisman

PSG has signed Messi as well as Sergio Ramos and Georginio Wojaldum this summer.

The pitch looks stronger than ever, but Mbappe might feel that he has to give up too much attention by staying in Paris now that Messi has arrived.

Mbappe is determined to be number one. He is the only PSG player to have won the World Cup.

Former Monaco player was the top scorer of Ligue 1 each season, scoring 27 goals in the last campaign.

Following his shock signing, Neymar took to Instagram and welcomed Messi to Parc des Princes. Mbappe did not respond to this public response.

While this may not be a significant statement, it is clear that Mbappe is the future of world football.

Messi’s arrival in Paris is a further sign of the shifting balance of power in Europe. It has moved away from the elite of Madrid and Barcelona to PSG and Manchester City, Chelsea, and clubs with the wealth and influence of the Gulf states and oligarchs.

Madrid believes Mbappe is the man to take them back to the top of European football three years after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mbappe is a native Parisian but has always been attracted to the Spanish giants who signed him as a teenager.

Real people also need a new talisman.

Ronaldo is long gone, while center-backs Ramos Varane and Raphael Varane have left this summer. Karim Benzema will be 34 in December, their last superstar at the front.

They hope that PSG will openly accept offers now or that Mbappe will end his contract to join them next season.


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