OnlyFans says it's not been hacking after hundreds of performers' video leaks online

The videos seem to have been created and distributed.

Over 1.6TB worth of images and videos from OnlyFans have been released online. The data dump is believed to be mostly comprised of women’s accounts, specifically users who use the site to post pornographic images.

The company claims that it’s not the result of a hack but. Steve Pym, OnlyFans‘ marketing director, said on Twitter that the company had “found there is no proof of a hacking of our systems,” and the files leaked appear to “be pulled from various sources, including other social media apps.” The tweet was first published in Motherboard.

onlyfans may not have been compromised. However, its CONTENT Isn’t Secure.

OnlyFans lets models, influencers, public figures, models, and other celebrities share their content using the premium model of pay. For many sex workers, it’s a means to manage and distribute their content with a secure paywall. It’s even more crucial in the wake of the passing of FOSTA which is a federal law that led to the shut down of numerous platforms that they used to be able to use.

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The leak has images and videos uploaded by hundreds of individuals, which are generally linked to specific usernames of OnlyFans. The leak’s news started to be widely spread on Twitter and was reported in the media by reporter Vonny LeClerc.

Instead of an attack, it appears to be caused by OnlyFans users purchasing the photos and videos in a single transaction, sharing them with others, and making them into a massive archive for no cost. The images and videos typically need to be purchased and are intended to provide users with a new source of revenue.

This could indicate that OnlyFans isn’t attacked; it suggests that the model used by the platform to distribute content has several security flaws. Since videos and photos are available from the site, it’s possible to share them elsewhere, leaving the users without revenues. All video and photo platforms are faced with similar issues. However, some take measures. Netflix, for instance, prevents recordings and screenshots from being recorded on specific media.

OnlyFans explains that videos could occasionally be reposted without permission in a short section of its FAQ section on the website. The FAQ states that the performers should contact the company and “we will help you.”

Following publication, OnlyFans confirmed to the Verge that they have a team committed to sending takedown notifications regarding stolen content. “OnlyFans is very concerned about content piracy seriously and has an appointed DMCA team that issues formal takedown notices for any copyright violations that are reported. This service is offered at no cost to all Our creators,” the spokesperson added. Creators whose work has been stolen can send an email to or report it via the website’s help center.


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