Microsoft Flight Simulator's Top Gun expansion delayed until 2022
A Screenshot Microsoft Flight Simulator Image

The Top Gun movie will launch with the expansion on May 27.

Microsoft’s Top Gun movie expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been delayed to meet the movie’s new release date. Paramount announced earlier this month that it’s delaying the rest of its 2021 films, pushing Top Gun: Maverick from its Thanksgiving weekend release date to May 27, 2022.

According to Microsoft and Asobo Studio, the Top Gun expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator was initially planned for later in the year. It will now be “released alongside” the movie. Asobo Studio has not yet revealed much information about the Top Gun expansion. This includes some locations and jets from Top Gun: Maverick. A blog post by Microsoft’s Flight Simulator team states that they look forward to sharing more information.

Microsoft first announced the Top Gun expansion earlier this year at E3 and the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox Series X / S.

Paramount has moved Top Gun to 2022 because of concerns about the delta variant and increased COVID-19 cases. Jackass Forever is also being delayed until next year. Mission: Impossible 7 will now be released on September 30, 2022.


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