Marvel's What If ...? Disney+ Hotstar
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T’Challa and signature MCU characters such as Thor, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor, Peggy Carter, Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor, Thor, and much more return to What If directed by Bryan Andrews, with AC Bradley serving as the head writer.

Imagine Peggy Carter becoming Captain America and Bucky Barnes fighting a zombie Captain America. Meanwhile, Star-Lord T’Challa becomes Star-Lord. These and other possibilities will be explored on Marvel’s animated series What If …?, which premieres on Disney+ Hotstar on 11 August.

What if …? __S.20__ Some previously aired shows were WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier.

What’s the point of the show?

Marvel chief Kevin Feige stated that What if was based on comic stories we love for years. They take a storyline and alter one element to see how it could change. Each episode of the MCU will have a little bit of a difference. Then, you’ll see how it changes.

Marvel's What If ...? Disney+ Hotstar
Watcher. Marvel Studios

The series is based on the 1977 comic book of the name. Nerdist writes that Uatu, the Watcher (voiced and narrated by Jeffrey Wright), will be watching everything in parallel universes. The Watchers are an extraterrestrial technologically advanced race that has vowed to help other worlds. They vowed not to interfere with the affairs of the mortal world, even though they were hurt in a tragic accident.

Bryan Andrews will direct the animated series with AC Bradley as head writer.

Screen Rant reports that the second season of 10 episodes was announced in December 2019.

Trailer of What If…?

Tony Stark

Marvel's What If ...? Disney+ Hotstar
Tony Stark Image

In the trailer, Tony Stark was shown in the middle of an attack on Afghanistan. Killmonger saves him just in time. This small event changes everything. Stark’s rescue ensures that he was not injured, that he never had an arc reactor fitted into his chest cavity, never became Iron Man, and that a member of the Avengers was never involved in this little event.

Peggy Carter

Peggy-Carter Marvel's What If ...? Disney+ Hotstar
Peggy Carter Image

Peggy Carter introduces herself in the first look video. In this alternate timeline, it is her who takes Super Soldier Serum, and not Steve Rogers.

Doctor Strange

Marvel's What If ...? Disney+ Hotstar
Doctor Strange Image

The trailer suggests that Doctor Strange is selling the dark side of magic after his love has died. AC Bradley, a writer, spoke out about Doctor Strange’s episode with BroBible. He said that it was all about loss. It’s almost like asking, “Where would loss take a man?” These powers are especially important for men. What would his capabilities take him? Then you can go wilder, more bizarre, and bigger. If you start without that little bit of humanity, you will soon lose the game. You can have all the action and explosions you want, but if you don’t see yourself as that hero, you won’t care.”

In this alternate universe, not Peter Quill is kidnapped, but T’Challa of Wakanda by Yondu. Your act as his guide and advisor. He appears to have a strong connection with him.

An entirely different Avengers team

The trailer shows the Avengers trying to do the best they can in New York City. It’s not the characters that we are used to. Gamora and Star-Lord are replaced by Black Panther, Black Panther, Thor, and Thor.


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