Marvel isn't able to pause its big story, and Shang-Chi may be affected
A Screenshot Shang-Chi Image

Shang Chi and the legends of the ten interconnected films that follow

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is an important film for Marvel for lots of reasons. After more than a year and a half of delays caused by COVID-19, the studio is finally releasing this film in theatres. This is the studio’s first film featuring an Asian lead. It was a long-awaited milestone that took the company over a decade to achieve. And it marks the “real” start of its Phase 4 films, advancing the future of the MCU with new stories post-Endgame.

ShangChi and its less-than-ideal release timing, which comes as theatres continue to see smaller turnouts due to the delta variant continuing to a spike in the US — highlights the MCU’s biggest problem: Marvel’s films and shows are too interconnected to allow them to delay or shift releases.

There are spoilers for future and current MCU projects

This is not a new problem. It has been a difficult year for scheduling films, with its many delays and delays. Marvel’s movies face a unique challenge: they must not interfere with any other major studio releases, and they must also balance the delicate balance between streaming and theatrical Marvel releases.


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