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How to screen shot on mac in Four Different Ways



How to screen shot on mac: in Four Different Ways

You may have up to four ways to take a screen shot depending on the Apple machine you have: A MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, or an iMac will suffice.

If you want to capture what’s currently on your Mac, whether it’s tickets to an event, an email you just received, or just a photo of your desktop, knowing how to take a screenshot is a must-have ability.

If you have a Mac, there are three ways to take a screen shot with keyboard shortcuts—plus a fourth approach if you have a MacBook with a touch bar. In this guide, we’ll show you the numerous keyboard shortcuts you’ll need to take a screen shot on your Mac. We’ll also walk you through what you can do with those screenshots once they’ve been taken. Apple provides a number of choices for quickly saving, deleting, and opening a screen shot for annotation.

If you’re seeking more information on how to use your Mac, check out these 10 tips for getting the most out of your Mac and the best MacBook to buy if you’re in the market.



This key combination will take a screen shot of the full screen.


This key combination will transform your cursor into a crosshair, which you may drag to pick a part of your screen to capture. To capture the picture, release the mouse button or trackpad.

After pressing Shift-Command-4, you have a few more options:

press and hold the space bar. the crosshair transforms into a small camera icon that you can drag over any open window. To take a screen shot of a window, simply click on it. This method produces a screen shot with a white border around the window and a slight drop shadow.

press and hold the space bar. After dragging to highlight an area, but before releasing the mouse button or trackpad, This keeps the selected area’s shape and size but allows you to move it around on the screen. If your original selection region is a few pixels off, simply use the space bar to reposition it before releasing the mouse button to take a screen shot.


Hold down the Shift key. after dragging to highlight an area but before releasing the mouse button or trackpad, This locks in each side of the selection area made with the crosshairs except the bottom edge, allowing you to move your mouse up and down to position the bottom border.

Release the Shift key and press it again without releasing the mouse button to adjust the right border of your selection area. By using the Shift key while keeping the mouse button or touchpad pressed, you can switch between moving the bottom and right edges.


This combination brings up a little panel at the bottom of your screen with your screen capture options, which was introduced in MacOS Mojave (2018). You can take a screen shot of your entire screen, a window, or a portion of your screen using one of three buttons.

Similarly, you can record your entire screen or a portion of it using the two video recording buttons. The X button on the left closes the screenshot panel, but you can alternatively exit out by pressing the Escape key.

An options button is located on the right side of the screen. It allows you to save your screen shot to the Desktop, Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages, Preview, or other location, as well as create a 5-or 10-second delay to allow you to line up elements that might otherwise be lost when you use your snapshot tool.


The Show Floating Thumbnail option is selected by default, which displays a small preview thumbnail of your recently captured screenshot in the lower-right corner of your screen, similar to how iOS handles screenshots. On your Mac, unlike the iPhone ($899 at Amazon), you can disable the preview thumbnail. Finally, you have the option of including your mouse pointer in a screen shot or video.

If the screen shot panel is blocking your view, grab its left border and move it to a different location on your screen.

A bonus for MacBooks with Touch Bars is Command-Shift-6.

Did you know that if you have a 16-inch MacBook Pro or any model with the Touch Bar, you can capture a screen shot of what’s now displayed on it? To snap an extremely broad and skinny screen shot of your Touch Bar, simply press Command-Shift-6.

Screenshot 19 1

Annotation is simple.

If you use the floating thumbnail, you’ll be able to use markup tools to annotate your screenshot quickly. You can swipe away the floating thumbnail or let it go on its own, and it will be stored in the location where you last saved a snapshot. When you click the floating thumbnail, it will open in a Markup View preview window (rather than Preview), with all of the markup tools available in Preview.

You can do the following with a right-click on the floating thumbnail:

  • The screen shot can be saved to your desktop, documents folder, or clipboard.
  • It can be accessed through Mail, Messages, Preview, or Photos.
  • Show in the Finder
  • Delete
  • Open it in the above-mentioned Markup preview window.
  • Almost there (and saved)

Long-time Mac screenshotters may be sluggish to adopt the new Command-Shift-5 shortcut, but I find myself utilizing it more for the ability to annotate screen shots without opening Preview and rapidly delete screenshots that I know I made a mistake with. The 5-second and 10-second delay settings are also welcome additions.

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Clubhouse removed personal information from Afghan users' accounts as a security measure

The platform aims to protect users’ privacy and security.

Clubhouse, a social audio app, has joined other social networks in protecting the privacy and security of Afghan users. The platform reset the bios and photos of tens to thousands of Afghan users earlier this week and made it more difficult for search engines to find their accounts. Clubhouse spokesperson said that the actions did not affect users’ followers and that all changes can be reversed if desired.

Clubhouse reminds its Afghan customers that pseudonyms are allowed for safety and human rights reasons. According to the spokesperson, Clubhouse consulted experts in violent extremism and free expression to develop its approach.


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It's not a good idea to overthink it. Elon Musk's Tesla Bot jokes

A distraction and an empty promise

After a lengthy presentation on the unquestionably remarkable work, Tesla is doing in AI, Elon Musk, the company’s Technoking, brought out a spandex-clad dancer to cap the evening. Behold, said Musk: my Tesla Bot.

He said that the dancer in the suit was the model for the new humanoid robot Tesla will be producing shortly. The applause and dubstep had subsided, and the briefing slides that promised that the Tesla Bot would stand at five feet eight inches (1.7m), be 125 pounds (56kg), and have “human-level hands” and be able to eliminate “dangerous and repetitive, boring tasks” were discarded.



Musk stated that Musk’s goal to build a human-replacement robotics system — something that no other company is even close to being able, was a natural step in Tesla’s efforts to develop self-driving cars. Musk said that cars are semi-sentient robots with wheels. It makes sense to add that to a humanoid body. We are also very skilled at actuators, batteries, and sensors, so we expect to have a prototype next year that looks something like this.

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It was an extraordinary and brilliant piece of tomfoolery, even by Musk’s standards. A multipurpose sideshow that entertained Tesla skeptics and fed the fans while also creating headlines. The latter is particularly important in a week when most Tesla news has focused on a federal investigation into the company’s Autopilot software to crash into parked emergency vehicles. Musk says that all this is irrelevant. Just look at the man in the spandex suit. It’ll be an actual robot next year, I promise.


Are you willing to believe him? Do you think he is a fool? Although I can’t answer your question, I will give you the facts. Last night, Elon Musk took to the stage to promise that Tesla, a company with driver assistance software that cannot avoid parked ambulances reliably, would soon create a fully functioning humanoid robotic machine. Musk stated that the device would follow human instructions and respond correctly to commands such as “please go to the store and get me these groceries.” This was just minutes after he had shown a spandex-clad dancer demonstrating the Tesla Bot. You have to admire Musk’s chutzpah.

To help Musk understand his claims, it is important to remember that Boston Dynamics, which made Atlas, the most advanced bipedal robotic robot globally, has never called its machines anything other than R&D. It’s far from commercial deployment. In recent machine videos, the company showed how difficult building a bipedal robot is and how often Atlas trips and falls. Boston Dynamics has been working with Atlas and its bipedal predecessors for more than a decade. __S.50__


Carl Berry, a UK University of Central Lancashire lecturer in robotics engineering, told me that “Calling it horse shit sounds generously honest.” Berry said that robotics and AI should not be used in manufacturing research.

He said that while he didn’t deny Tesla’s research into this topic was a bad thing, “but they and Boston Dynamics leave the public with unrealistic expectations about what robotics can do or will do for many years.”


I don’t doubt Musk can make something that looks like the Tesla Bot in 2022. It wouldn’t be hard to make a decent automaton — something on the level of Disney’s more advanced theme park models, for example. He can send it into space once he has it walking out on stage, just for the headlines. It will just be another distraction if he does. While robotics significantly impacts manufacturing, there is no reason to assume that robots don’t need to look like humans to do so.

Musk often uses this bait-and-switch method. Think about the changes Musk made to his Hyperloop plans over time. The technology was announced as a railgun-like train system that would move people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than half an hour. Over the years, these ambitions have shrunk until the project morphed into The Loop: a small tunnel that you can drive a car through if you want. Also known as A tunnel.

The Tesla Bot reminded me of Sophia, the automated chatbot who has appeared on magazine covers and chat shows. Sophia relies on misdirection to fool audiences and is a frequent target of AI experts’ scorn. It also has a job. As one of the robot’s creators, Ben Goertzel, told me in 2017, Sophia works by priming our imagination, encouraging us to fool ourselves into thinking the future is nearer than the evidence suggests. The robot generates news coverage and funding for its creators.

Goertzel stated, “If I tell people that I use probabilistic logic to reason on how to prune the backward-chaining inference trees in our logic engine,” They will feel more comfortable believing that AGI is possible if I show them a smiling robot face.

This is Musk’s goal, whether he is aiming to instill that feeling in investors or others. The Sophia strategy has a twist. Musk doesn’t need a simulacrum robot to sell his dream. He only needs a spandex-clad dancer. That’s innovation.


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OnlyFans has a new policy that bans sexually explicit Content




OnlyFans has a new policy that bans sexually explicit Content

Masturbation and sex, actual or simulated, are not allowed.

On Thursday, the video and image sharing site OnlyFans announced plans to bans sexually explicit content” starting October 1. While we’re still not sure exactly why it’s changing so drastically, it just sent out an updated Terms of Service policy to the creators who’ve built the site detailing precisely what won’t be allowed going forward.

The new OnlyFans, Acceptable Use Policy, is visible when compared to the previous one.

You must not upload, post, or display Content on OnlyFans.

  • Promotes, advertises, or refers to “sexually explicit behavior,” which can be:
  • Actual or simulated sexual intercourse between any two persons, including oral-genital and anal-genital intercourses and genital-genital and oral-genital intercourses.
  • Actual or simulated masturbation
  • Any display of the anus and genitals of another person that is extreme or offensive
  • Actual or simulated material showing bodily fluids often secreted during sexual activity;
  • All Content that promotes, advertises, or refers to “sexually explicit behavior” must be deleted before December 1, 2021, or any other date we communicate to users.

The policy’s other sections that prohibit deepfakes, drug use, and violence are unchanged. The site sent an email to OnlyFans creators stating that Content containing nudity would be permitted as long as it was consistent with the policy. Posts may show body parts but not anything explicit. Your account may be suspended or terminated for any breach, as well as access to your earnings.

OnlyFans’ billion-dollar brand and business have been built mainly because onlyFans sex workers provide precisely the type of Content being banned. These content creators now have until December 1 to delete all traces of suddenly unacceptable Content from their profiles.


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