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How Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot adds Android 21 to the Story

Dragon Ball FighterZ fans curious about how Android 21 fits into the Story of Dragon Ball Z, Kakarot will be surprised.

Dragon Ball Z Android 21

The news broke that Android 21 was out. Dragon Ball FighterZThe original character of a person considered part of Dragon Ball Z KakarotMany fans was thrilled. After all, Dragon Ball FighterZThis is a highly acclaimed entry in the franchise. Although it’s thrilling to imagine cross-play between the two games, there was one question. It’s possible to make a connection between the two games. Dragon Ball Z KakarotI was going to concentrate mainly on the Story in theDragon Ball ZHow would Android 21 work with manga and anime?

This question can now be answered, like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has officially been released. It’s not clear if it is a good answer. Bandai Namco decided to stick Android21 in the game in an unusual part of the Story. This was despite her established continuity as an assistant to Bulma’s dad, Dr. Brief. You can find her in a game section when Vegeta visits Dr. Brief to discuss upgrades to his gravity training area.

How Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot adds Android 21 to the Story
Dragon Ball Z

Kakarot adds Android 21 to the Story

Dragon Ball FighterZ has its canon for Android 21. However, it has never been confirmed as the canon for the leading Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball FighterZ is based on Dr. Gero’s wife. In an attempt to defeat Goku, Dr. Gero would build all the evil androids, including Cell. Android 21 was said to have been created by many scientists and warriors, including Cell, Buu and all the Z-Fighters.

It is unclear how Android 21’s new role will mesh with Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is possible that it is not intended to mesh at all. Android 21 could be Dr. Brief’s assistant, or it could be a fan service that has no connection to canon.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a great place to start searching for clues or information about Android 21’s history. Dragon Ball Z‘s overall quality aside, the multi-saga and open-world story offers a fantastic amount of fun opportunities. The show will allow players to get to know Dragon Ball Z characters like no other. This is a great idea, canon or not.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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