Google Pixel 5A has a larger battery and screen but a lower price

The new midrange will go on sale August 26th at $449

Google has officially revealed the Pixel 5A 5G, a phone it announced in April to contradict rumours that it had been cancelled. The new features include a smaller screen, a larger battery and an IP67 rating for waterproofing.

These are minor tweaks, but they make a great midrange phone. The US price will be $449, $50 less than the introductory Pixel 4A 5G price. The 5A will go on sale in Japan and the US on August 26th.

The Pixel 5A’s screen is slightly larger at 6.34 inches. This is a slight improvement over the 4A 5G’s smaller 6.2-inch display. The 1080p OLED display is still at 60Hz, although rumours suggest a faster 90Hz display. Google claims that the 4,680mAh battery will last for a full day with regular use or two days when using Extreme Battery Savings mode.

The official water resistance rating for the 5A is the first A-series Pixel. The phone has IP67 protection and can withstand water immersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. This is a rare feature in the sub-$500 category where IP ratings are minimal.

The Pixel 5A is compatible with all US carriers and offers sub-6GHz 5G support. Google will not be selling a mmWave compatible version of this phone, unlike last year. This is a good thing; though mmWave 5G can be high-speed, it is also limited in range and difficult to find. The 5A does not support C-band 5G frequencies. AT&T and Verizon will use this to boost their nationwide 5G networks, which are struggling. Google claims it may add the software support later but has not committed to it at this time.


Other specifications are unchanged from the original model. It still runs on the Snapdragon 765G chipset, with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The primary 12.2-megapixel camera, 16-megapixel ultrawide rear camera and 8-megapixel selfie cam are identical. The box includes a rear fingerprint scanner to enable biometric unlock, a genuine headphone jack and an 18W charger (Google claims this will be the last Pixel phone that offers one). It will come with Android 11 and Google’s three-year warranty for OS platform updates and support for security patches.

The Google Pixel 5 will not be sold by any major US wireless carriers, unlike the 4A 5G. It will be available directly through the Google Store and via Google Fi. The product will only be available in “mostly black”, and there are four colour options for the cases.


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