Google One VPN Expands Internationally to Canada, Mexico, UK and More

Google has expanded its VPN service to seven countries as part of the Google One VPN subscription. This includes Mexico, Canada and Spain. 9 to 5 Google reported that Google was expanding the VPN service to seven additional countries.

The company started offering VPN access to 2TB Google One cloud storage subscribers in the US late last year as a free addition to the existing $9.99 / month plan. Today’s announcement marks a significant expansion of the service.

Google One is not as comprehensive as other VPN solutions. There are some limitations. You can only use the service within the countries that Google One supports. The support page states that you won’t connect to VPN via Google One if your destination is not listed.

And, much like Apple’s upcoming iCloud Plus VPN service, the Google One VPN won’t enable one of the most popular uses of a VPN: accessing content from a different country or region by assigning an IP address from that area. Google will instead assign you an IP address based upon your country so that websites can show you relevant content. However, Google warns that this will not prevent you from being tracked to specific areas or cities.

However, the newly expanded Google One VPN is only available for Android devices. Google stated last year that it would expand its availability to platforms such as iOS, Windows, Mac, and other Mac devices “in the coming weeks,” but no concrete news has been made.


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