Fortnite copies among Us in the new Impostors mode

Fortnite: Impostors, a new game mode, is now available. It might sound familiar to those who have played Among Us (another popular online game right now).

Imposters divide players into two groups. The one-person team has up to eight agents and aims to keep the headquarters of one secretive faction of Fortnite (the Imagined Order). It also has various tasks. The second team consists of two impostors (Epic didn’t bother to change their names) who aim to eliminate all agents.

If players spot an eliminated player or see anything suspicious, they can call a meeting to discuss the events and vote for someone they wish to. The Fortnite edition cleverly makes use of the game’s famous emote to facilitate discussion. You can point the finger at players you suspect.

It’s a Fortnite version, meaning that the serial numbers are lightly filed off. Of course, there are a few differences: everything has been decked out in a Fortnite-themed veneer, with tasks like fixing the Battle Bus or preparing llama supply drops. Impostors do not kill players, but they can be teleported to rifts.

Epic is not the only one to feature a Fortnite-style mode. Last December, Epic featured a fan-made Among Us clone called The Spy Within. It was created in Fortnite’s creative mode by a team that included DolphinDom and KKSlider, Bunni_ Wert, Blanky, MackJacks, Ritual, Anonymous, and blackjack.

Impostors go one step further. Fans created the original Spy Within mode. This new model is far better than the others and fits into the overall storyline of Fortnite. (The in-game fiction states that the impostors were agents of Agent Jones who betrayed reality to save it a few seasons ago).


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