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The Fate franchise is an excellent source of media. FGO or Fate Grande Order is another example of this. It was released worldwide in 2017 and marked Type-Moon’s successful entry to the gacha/RPG marketplace.

This game boasts an astounding visual-novel style. The story is presented, and the summoning system is balanced.

Fate Grand Order has been widely considered a friendly, free-to-play game.

Contrary to other games, where the most recent or rarest unit determines the meta, the meta is decided by the oldest and most excellent units. You can build a strong team with minimal grinding and currency purchases In FGO.

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This list will show you how balanced the game is. High tiers include both 4- and 3-star units. You can travel far with your party, even if you only use the resources provided by the game.

Find out more about what units should you choose to increase your performance? Let’s get into it! FGO Tier List.

FGO Tier List

Fate Grand Order FGO Tier List techydeed.com
Fate Grand Order FGO Tier List Image

S- FGO Tier List

Servant Class Rarity
Zhuge Liang Caster 5-star
Merlin Caster 5-star
Arash Archer 1-star
Orion Archer 5-star
Nikola Tesla Archer 5-star
Gilgamesh Archer 5-star
Ozymandias Rider 5-star
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Berserker 5-star
Minamoto-no-Raikou Berserker 5-star
Amakusa Shirou Ruler 5-star
Chloe von Einzbern Archer 4-star
BB Mooncancer 4-star
Nitocris Caster 4-star
Mordred Rider 4-star
David Archer 3-star
Euryale Archer 3-star
Georgios Rider 2-star
Spartacus Berserker 1-star
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Caster 1-star

A- FGO Tier List

Servant Class Rarity
Mash Kyrielight Shielder Special
Altria Pendragon Saber 5-star
Nero Claudius Saber 5-star
Miyamoto Musashi Saber 5-star
Ishtar Archer 5-star
Achilles Rider 5-star
Jeanne d’Arc Archer 5-star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) Avenger 5-star
Sakata Kintoki Berserker 5-star
Katsushika Hokusai Foreigner 5-star
Meltryllis Alterego 5-star
Quetzalcoatl Rider 5-star
Edmond Dantes Avenger 5-star
Okita Souji Saber 5-star
Francis Drake Rider 5-star
Emiya Archer 4-star
Atalante Archer 4-star
Helena Blavatsky Caster 4-star
Rama Saber 4-star
Emiya (Alter) Berserker 4-star
Ishtar (Alter) Rider 4-star
Lancelot Saber 4-star
Atalante (Alter) Berserker 4-star
Sieg Caster 4-star
Sakamoto Ryouma Rider 4-star
Valkyrie Lancer 4-star
Ibaraki-Douji Lancer 4-star
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter) Berserker 4-star
Hans Christian Andersen Caster 2-star
Paracelsus von Hohenheim Caster 3-star
Gaius Julius Caesar Saber 3-star
Robin Hood Archer 3-star
Medea Caster 3-star
Lu Bu Fengxian Berserker 3-star
Okado Izo Assassin 3-star
Paul Bunyan Berserker 1-star
Antonio Salieri Avenger 3-star

B- FGO Tier List

Servant Class Rarity
Enkidu Lancer 5-star
Illyasviel von Einzbern Caster 5-star
Tamamo-no-Mae Lancer 5-star
Nero Claudius (Alter) Caster 5-star
Sherlock Holmes Ruler 5-star
Cleopatra Assassin 5-star
Leonardo Da Vinci Caster 5-star
Xuanzang Sanzang Caster 5-star
Shuten-Douji Assassin 5-star
Brynhild Lancer 5-star
Karna Lancer 5-star
Ivan the Terrible Rider 5-star
Queen Medb Saber 4-star
Ushiwakamaru Assassin 4-star
Chiron Archer 4-star
Caster of Midrash Caster 4-star
Caster of Okeanos Caster 4-star
Mecha Eli-chan Alter Ego 4-star
Kiyohime Lancer 4-star
Scathatch Assassin 4-star
Tristan Archer 4-star
Passionlip Alter Ego 4-star
Oda Nobunaga Berserker 4-star
Elisabeth Bathory Lancer 4-star
Frankenstein Saber 4-star
Gilgamesh (Alter) Caster 4-star
Oda Nobunaga Archer 4-star
Saint Martha Rider 4-star
Fionn mac Cumhaill Lancer 4-star
Leonidas Lancer 2-star
Eric Bloodaxe Berserker 2-star
Tawara Touta Archer 3-star
Billy the Kid Archer 3-star
Kid Gilgamesh Archer 3-star
Charles Babbage Caster 3-star
Kiyohime Berserker 3-star
Medusa Rider 3-star
Asterios Berserker 1-star
Jing Ke Assassin 3-star
Sasaki Kojirou Assassin 1-star
Edward Teach Rider 2-star
Avicebron Caster 3-star

C- FGO Tier List

Servant Class Rarity
Vlad III Berserker 5-star
Orion Archer 5-star
Amakusa Shirou Ruler 5-star
Nightingale Berserker 5-star
Sessyion Kiara Alter Ego 5-star
Hijikata Toshizo Berserker 5-star
Abigail Williams Foreigner 5-star
Ereshkigal Lancer 5-star
Napoleon Archer 5-star
Archer of Inferno Archer 4-star
Saint Martha Ruler 4-star
Suzuka Gozen Saber 4-star
Gorgon Avenger 4-star
Nitocris (Alter) Assassin 4-star
Avenger of Shinjuku Avenger 4-star
Emiya Assassin 4-star
Li Shuwen Lancer 4-star
Astolfo Rider 4-star
Medea Caster 4-star
Marie Antoinette Rider 4-star
Siegfried Saber 4-star
Chevalier d’Eon Saber 4-star
Romulus Lancer 3-star
Charles-Henri Sanson Assassin 2-star
Darius III Berserker 3-star
Hektor Lancer 3-star
Henry Jekyll & Hyde Assassin 3-star
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Caster 3-star
Fuuma Kotarou Assassin 3-star
Rider of Rsistance Rider 3-star

D- FGO Tier List

Servant Class Rarity
Altera Saber 5-star
Arjuna Archer 5-star
Ryougi Shiki Saber 5-star
Iskandar Rider 5-star
Archer of Shinjuku Archer 5-star
Osakabehime Assassin 5-star
Semiramis Assassin 5-star
Okta Souji (Alter) Alter Ego 5-star
Tamamo Cat Berserker 4-star
Thomas Edison Caster 4-star
Katou Danzo Assassin 4-star
Marie Antoinette (Alter) Caster 4-star
Chacha Berserker 4-star
Helena Blavatsky (Alter) Archer 4-star
Assassin of Paraiso Assassin 4-star
Nezha Lancer 4-star
Gilles de Rais Saber 3-star
Musashibou Benkei Lancer 2-star
Mephistopheles Caster 3-star
Phantom of the Opera Assassin 2-star
Mata Hari Assassin 1-star
Caligula Berserker 2-star
Geronimo Caster 3-star
Anra Mainiiu Avenger Special

E- FGO Tier List

Servant Class Rarity
Arthur Pendragon Saber 5-star
Caster of the Nightless City Caster 5-star
Stheno Assassin 4-star
Beowulf Berserker 4-star
Irisviel Caster 4-star
Assassin of Shinjuku Assassin 4-star
Gawain Saber 4-star
Medusa (Alter) Lancer 4-star
Boudica Rider 3-star
Gilles de Rais (Alter) Caster 3-star

Fate Grand Order This tactical, turn-based RPG is where the player assumes “the role of a “Master” Throughout your journey as the Master, you acquire and command a unit called Servants. Your Servants are your soldiers in battle. You are responsible for ensuring the best party composition and developing strategies to eliminate enemy waves.

In battle, you may have up to six units (3 active and three reserves). At the beginning of each turn, you are given five command cards. You may use three of these to attack. These command cards are based upon your units in battle and can only be shuffled once per turn. Your Servants have special skills to boost the party’s skill or weaken enemies before you issue your commands.

The key to victory in battle is your ability to win. In-game strategy for fighting and how well your Servants work together. There are, however, Servants who have better general skills and are more potent than others.

This tier list should have helped you to build the perfect team for those games.



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