Facebook is said to be forming an electoral commission, which it will announce in the fall techydeed.com

A similar Oversight Board could serve as the election commission.

According to The New York Times, Facebook is looking into creating a commission to weigh in on global election-related issues. Facebook spoke to policy experts and academics about the commission The New York Times reports. It is expected that the commission will be announced in the fall, ahead of the 2022 US midterm elections.

Like how the independent Oversight Board helps review content moderation appeals, it sounds as if Facebook could ask the election commission to handle some decisions about election content. That could reduce the perception that Facebook’s decisions about content are politically biased, which has been a common criticism lobbed toward the company from conservatives. It’s not clear if the election commission would have the same independence as the Oversight Board.

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Facebook declined to comment.

Facebook may be considering a commission for an election that functions like the Oversight Board. This could signal that the Oversight Board has taken some pressure off Facebook about content moderation and might want to do the same with election issues.

That said, the Oversight Board has come under some criticism of its own — conservatives weren’t happy with the Board’s ruling that Facebook can keep former President Donald Trump’s ban in place, for example. An election commission could be helpful to Facebook in proving that it makes decisions about election content from a policy-oriented position and not politics.


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