Facebook Dating now offers audio chats techydeed.com

Facebook Dating, the company’s dating app, isn’t as popular as the other apps. However, the company is adding new features to make it more convenient for virtual dating, which has been booming during the pandemic.

Audio dates are one of the most exciting new features. You can now have an audio conversation with someone you match. You can initiate a call by inviting someone to join you. If they accept, then you can have a conversation.

Facebook allows you to create up to two additional locations in Facebook Dating for searching for matches. Facebook’s Match Anywhere feature makes it easier to find matches with people who temporarily live or work in different locations or frequent travellers between them.

The company is also launching a feature called Lucky Pick, which “enables daters to consider other compatible candidates who may be outside their typical preferences,” according to Facebook communications staffer Alexandru Voica.

Facebook Dating isn’t the company’s only dating app — in April, Facebook’s NPE Team, which builds experimental apps, released an app called Sparked that sets you up on four-minute video speed dates.


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