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Exercise Bar: A Total Body Workout For P.E.

The Exercise Bar

exercise bar

It’s a great way to introduce students to the benefits of fitness training. The aerobic bar, also known as the exercise bar, can take your class to the next level. These bars are great for teaching lifting techniques and muscle definition. You can add resistance to any movement to help your students get used to resistance training. This is a complete workout for your physical education class bar. The video playlist below contains 25 exercises that can be used to strengthen your upper, lower, and flexibility/agility.

You can purchase exercise bars individually in six sizes or in multiple packs that are great for physical education.


Exercise Bar six sizes

Upper Body

Barre, They are versatile and provide a great upper-body bar workout. __S.23__


Lower Body

For a variety of lower body exercises, balance the bar on a rack or hold it. __S.30__



Core exercises such as V-Up Sit-Ups and Balancing Rows can be done. __S.37__



Gopher’s exercise bar To either increase resistance during balancing exercises or to maintain balance during movement. __S.45__


Flexibility Agility

You can increase flexibility by using the bar as a stretching stick. To practice agility movements, you can also lay the bar on the ground.

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