DC's latest superhero crossover: Batman x FaZe Clan techydeed.com

HBO Max will launch a scripted, ten-episode Batman podcast show.

The comics company celebrates Batman Day by offering a variety of superhero-themed merchandise ahead of DC’s FanDome next month. This includes a new scripted podcast of ten episodes on HBO Max and an augmented reality app. There is also a limited-edition comic that features some of the FaZe Clan’s stars.

Although we didn’t see it coming, it will be in comic form on September 24, 2012. DC Comics says that heroes FaZe Banks and FaZe Apex will be featured, along with FaZe Temperrrr, FaZe Temperrrr, FaZe Temperrrr, FaZe Adapt and FaZe Rug. This will all be followed by a variety of crossover merchandise throughout Batman Month.

Lee Trink, co-owner of FaZe Clan, stated on The Vergecast that “gaming will drive culture and lifestyle in the next decade for certain.” FaZe Clan was the first gaming group to collaborate with DC. With its studio, it is unlikely to stop there. The six-issue Batman: Zero Point comic, released earlier in the year, is a great way to get your gaming and comics mixed up. This issue brought the caped crusader to the Fortnite world and gave a unique glimpse into Epic Games’ battle royale lore.

Children of all ages can download the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition App on Android or iOS. This app has a new mission that marks the occasion.

Batman: The Audio Adventures, an audio experience, is now available exclusively in HBO Max. This service adds scripted audio content to the service’s first offering. You should be able to search within the app to locate the episodes once they are available. This podcast is not ideal, but it will be interesting for how many people find the episodes.

A press release states that it was written by Dennis McNicholas, with inspiration from Batman’s The Animated Series and the 1960s TV series. Jeffrey Wright plays Batman, Rosario Dawson portrays Catwoman, John Leguizamo is The Riddler, Chris Parnell, Kenan Thomson, Alan Tudyk, and others are notable appearances. In October, a companion comic of 80 pages will be published.


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