Recuperated COVID-19 patients should change the toothbrush, tongue cleaner to stay away from pre-disease, say dental specialists

Specialists say toothpaste, tongue cleaner among other toiletry things of a tainted individual are probably going to have a critical convergence of the infection. Proceeded with the utilization of similar items can bring about re-disease and contaminate others


Amid the flood in Coronavirus cases the nation over, everybody is encouraged to avoid potential risk against the lethal infection. There are as of now a few rules for positive patients who are recuperating from Covid-19 and now dental specialists have proposed another safety measure to this rundown.

According to dental specialists, people should change their toothbrushes and tongue cleaners when they recuperate from the disease.

While the inoculation drive is going full bore everywhere in the country, specialists are of the view that changing the toothbrush and tongue cleaner following testing negative can assist with forestalling re-disease. Disposing of toothbrushes additionally saves other relatives who utilize a similar washroom from the infection.

According to the World Well being Association (WHO), Covid-19 develops starting with one individual then onto the next through little droplets from the mouth of an individual who has gotten the contamination.

Additionally said to be airborne, Coronavirus can spread by contacting the sullied surfaces.

This implies that toothpaste, tongue cleaner among other toiletry things utilized by a positive patient should have a tremendous grouping of the infection. Utilizing similar things may bring about tainting others or a similar individual can contract it once more.

“If you or anybody in your family and companion circle have contracted Coronavirus, once recuperated, if it’s not too much trouble, guarantee to change your toothbrush, tongue cleaner, and so on These can hold onto the infection, and they should be disposed of,” Dr. Pravesh Mehra, Head of Division of Dental Medical procedure, Woman Hardinge Clinical School, New Delhi revealed to India Today.

Nowadays, the instances of Mucormycosis (dark organism) among patients experiencing or recuperating Coronavirus are additionally ascending as time passes.

Here are a few safety measures to be taken when somebody in the family tests positive for the destructive disease or recuperates from it:

– Don’t keep toiletry things like toothpaste, towels, toothbrush, tongue clear, and so on together

– Change toiletry things after recuperating from Coronavirus as it diminishes the opportunity of transmission and re-contamination

– Brush twice or threefold per day

– After recuperation, continue to wash your mouth routinely

– A recuperated patient should clean the brush and tongue cleaner consistently utilizing a disinfectant mouthwash


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