Let’s begin our Codecademy review with a brief explanation of the company behind this online coding instruction portal. Before we review their services, let’s briefly discuss the people behind this site and their projects.

Codecademy was founded in 2011. This MOOC company based in New York offers coding courses.

Codecademy offers 14 programming languages that students can learn at their leisure. These programming languages include the most popular languages in today’s job market, like Python or Java.

The company also offers two additional options, which can be added to their learning packages: Codecademy Intensive and Codecademy PRO.

Feature Codecademy

Online learning portals strive to distinguish themselves from the rest by highlighting unique and exciting features. Some provide interactive classes, while others offer memberships and subscription packages that include incentives. One Codecademy evaluation noted that this site tries all of the above.

Codecademy offers its customers three different learning options on its website: Codecademy Professional, Codecademy Intensive, and free courses.

Free Course

Most courses offered on the internet were free for a long time. Sign up, and you can start learning. The number of free classes has decreased since the other plans’ launch (this is evident in the majority of Codecademy Pro reviews and Codecademy Intense reviews). There are still courses on the site that can be viewed or taken free of charge.

Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro is the website’s “premium” plan. This is what the essence of the argument about “is Codecademy Pro any use?” is all about. Bundles include multiple quizzes, personal projects, learning routes, and other features that consumers of the free course will need access to. This premium plan, Codecademy notes, is for students who want to go one step further in their learning journey.

Codecademy Pro Intensive

This is the Codecademy pro version. This version includes supplementary curricula, deadlines, and bespoke Slack channels. There are also tests. This version is a boot camp-style learning experience.

We have highlighted the critical characteristics of Codecademy that are important to its students in our previous article. Many people are still curious about Codecademy Pro and Codecademy Intensive. However, there are many reviews.

Based on what we’ve discussed about “Quality of Content,” this portal seems to have many great features. Before making your decision, it is important to consider the pricing.

Price Codecademy

Codecademy offers many courses for free, as I mentioned at the beginning. People have become distrustful of Codecademy ever since they introduced an upgraded bundle.

Codecademy Pro membership is $19 per month, which implies that it’s a subscription-based pricing strategy. The Codecademy Intensive package costs $199 per course. The fee can increase depending on the topic and the difficulty of the course topic.

The Codecademy Pro Intensive review might not be for you if you’ve been a Codecademy customer for a while. User “OG,” said it was disappointing to see the site go from almost free to nearly $200 for a single course.

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