Chrome beta makes it simple to switch between search results

Google has announced some new Chrome beta experiments that will make it easier for users to search the internet and share relevant text. You can download the Chrome beta here for your Android phone or computer to give these new features a try. You should be cautious, though, because things might not work as expected. I will also mention enabling flags throughout. To do this, enter chrome://flags in your address bar. This will allow you to turn on Chrome’s various experiments.

Chrome on Android now lets you see search results under your address bar after navigating to a page. This is a remarkable experiment that Chrome has added to its Android browser. This GIF will help you understand it better.

Even though you won’t see all URLs in the other bar, it looks like it could help you navigate to other sites without needing to return to the search results. This experiment can be tried by activating the #continuous search flag.

A second feature currently in development allows you to create a stylized image from the text on websites. This could be helpful to improve the text and share it with friends on social media. This feature is also a great place to make ridiculous memes. You can access this one on Android smartphones and tablets by clicking on #webnotes_stylize. The GIF below will give you an idea of the process.

Cards are now added to the New Tab page. This makes it easier for you to return to websites that you have visited before. Google provides examples of cards that can create shopping carts, recipe pages, and documents in Google Drive in a blog post. This can be done by enabling the #ntp_modules flag on your computer.

These are still experiments, so there is always the possibility that they may not have all the bugs figured out yet. Google might decide to keep them in the experiment phase. These could be previews for features that are yet to come. If you’re interested in trying them out early, the Chrome beta lets you.


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