Argentina offers to have Copa America after Colombia’s exit

Copa America is set to start from June 13 with the last booked for July 10. It was at first planned for 2020, yet the COVID-19 pandemic constrained its deferment.


Argentina offered to organize the whole of Copa America after Colombia was dropped as a competition co-have a week ago.

Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez presented “a severe convention so Copa America is held in this country” to Alejandro Dominguez, the head of South American soccer’s administering body CONMEBOL, the two players said in an articulation.

The competition is set to start on June 13 with the last booked for July 10. It was at first booked for 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic constrained its deferment.

A week ago, CONMEBOL dismissed a solicitation from the Colombian government to again defer Copa America to the furthest limit of the year. The solicitation came simultaneously challenges President Iván Duque is shaking the country.

Argentina is confronting a flood of Covid-19 diseases, with severe lockdown estimates forced a weekend ago in the midst of a 7-day normal of 35,000 cases and 500 passings.

The gathering occurred at the official home of Olivos. The assertion said Fernandez and Dominguez examined “hierarchical and strategic viewpoints — with the conceivable consideration of extra host urban communities – and all that respects wellbeing conventions.”

Fernandez and Dominguez concurred that the final word on the competition conventions will come from the country’s wellbeing service.


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