Are you concerned if your joints crack all the time

My joints are popping and cracking even though I’m only 34 years old. This is a sign of something wrong?

You don’t have to be concerned if any swelling or pain doesn’t accompany the sound. Gas bubbles may cause popping or crackling noises in the joint fluid or the sound that tendons and ligaments are stretching and releasing. Are you more aware of it when you move the joint repeatedly (e.g. while doing shoulder presses at the gym)? A tight tendon or muscle moving over a bony structure can sometimes cause a soft snapping sound or clicking sound. To help silence the snapping, try doing some gentle stretching that involves the joint and the surrounding muscles.

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Are there any injuries to the joint? A ligament that has not healed properly can cause the joint to pop when it is moved.

While you’re still young, keep in mind that your joints can start making noises as you get older. This is because cartilage loses over time. If you feel any discomfort in the joint or has questions, consult your doctor. You may have an arthritic injury or ligament injury that should be examined.



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