Android 12 Beta 4 encourages order over chaos
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There are no new features. However, a release candidate will be next. Google launched the first public beta of Android 12 at its I/O event this spring. Now Beta 4 is being distributed to compatible devices. This version includes some previously unreleased features, but it moves them into the “platform stability” section.

This means that Android developers can now start to get the latest version of Android. This release is crucial for Android developers. They can now test their apps for compatibility with the new APIs, features, and layout. Google has introduced the largest system overhaul in years. There are many areas that an app could have problems with. Double-check these widgets.

Android 12’s updated approach to privacy is another obstacle for apps that have not been updated. The privacy dashboard consolidates settings and alerts apps when they copy/paste information from the clipboard. It also allows you to grant access to an app to your exact or approximate location.

As always, you can register for the beta and see if your phone is eligible to participate right here. Google’s phones from the Pixel 3 forward are candidates, along with certain phones made by Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, and ZTE.

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