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Amazing Roblox Characters List You’ll Always Need [Names and Outfits]



Roblox Characters List

Roblox is among the most enjoyable platforms to play fun and learn a few abilities. On this platform, users make games for other players. This innovative concept is what makes Roblox the most popular of its peers. It was released in 2006 and some of the games on Roblox are more than 1 billion+ visits on the course of its website. Roblox has proven to be one of the top games of the past decade.

Roblox Character can be described as a custom avatar that you can use in game. The character is completely adjustable from the top of it to the bottom. There are a myriad of accessories that you can wear on Roblox’s avatar page that you can purchase and put on. The characters are truly a part of an exciting new look on Roblox. In this article we’ll take a look at all things related to characters as well as some awesome outfits for characters.

Roblox Character Size

Roblox ‘s Character can be quite customizable through the avatar settings. There are currently two kinds of Roblox characters. R6 and R15 The default is R15. oneMost games are compatible with R15 as of the time when writing the article.

In R15 the avatar’s height can be adjusted between 95 percent to 105 percent of the height of default. The size of the avatar’s width can be altered from 75% and 100 percent of the width that is default. This means that you can decrease the width of the character. In addition, you can change the Body Depth Scale, Body Height Scale and Body Width Scale as well as the Head Scale.


In R6, the characters aren’t customizable at the moment. They’re the older version of avatars that didn’t come with options to edit them.

You can also select an avatar that you can customize on the catalogue page. The avatar can be purchased from the market or created by yourself.

Roblox Character Name

Roblox Characters are referred to as Avatar on its platform. The avatar can be made highly customizable. Each player has their personal avatar that can be dressed in head Accessories, Faces, Shirts, Pants and other gear. These items can be customized to make your character individual. The avatars reflect on your profile screen as the character you are.

What are the components of the Roblox the Character Body?

Each Roblox Character comes with a Head and Body, as well as 2 arms and 2 legs. Each part of the avatar can be customized. You can make customized template for shirts to design an outfit of your own preference. Each body part is of a fixed dimension, which is a multiple of 32 pixels.

A few of the most famous Roblox Characters Images

There are a variety of Roblox Character compilations made by Celestial Roblox. The characters are carefully selected and are the best in the game.
Be sure to bookmark this page in order to save this amazing list of characters.
Names and descriptions for 27 Roblox characters list are as follows:


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Audrey Radio

Requirements –
1. Woman
2. Bunny Ears 2017
3. Galaxy Girl
4. Freckles
5. Jeans Shorts
6. Radio JH Games
7. Audrey Hodie

Cost – 110 Robux


Denis Daily

Requirements –
1. Denis Daily OFFICIAL shirt
2. Black Jeans with White Shoes
3. Business Cat
4. Brown Charmer hair
5. Silly Fun
6. Man

Cost – 225 Robux

Crafted RL

Requirements –
1. CraftedRL is a BRAND
2. New Wolf T-Shirt
3. Black Jeans with Sneakers
4. 75k Super Swoop
5. Hipster Glasses
6. ROBLOX Hexagon Headphones

Cost – 2407 Robux


Requirements –
1. Robloxian 2.0
2. Shiny Teeth
3. Gorgeous Brown Hair for Beautiful People
4. Official Poke Shirt
5. Black Slacks


Cost – 171 Robux

Monkey Vs Roblocks

Requirements –
1. Man
2. Blond Spiked Hair
3. Silly Monkey
4. The Monkey Official T-Shirt
5. The Monkey Official Pants

Cost – 152 Robux

Applecake 3039204536

Requirements –
1. Woman
2. Universe Girl Hair
3. Pink Sweatshirt
4. Girls T-shirts
5. Skeptic

Cost – 140 Robux



Requirements –
1. Whistle
2. Blue anime hair for boys
3. Polo white
4. Red vans logo tape
5. Staff members of Rey’s

Cost – 93 Robux


Requirements –
1. Plaid frill
2. Rainbow purse 3.0
3. Dust mask
4. Fun and silly
5. Paper Hat

Cost – 98 Robux


Requirements –
1. 424 Yellow denim jacket
2. Black air huarache
4. Obvious spy cap
5. Crimson shaggy 2.0


Cost – 52 Robux


Requirements –
1. Freckles
2. Orange Fuzzy Croptop
3. Nerd glasses
4. Black hair and orange beanie
5. Black belted plaid skirt

Cost – 50 Robux


Requirements –
1. Brown Charmer hair
2. Trasher black flames Hoodie
3. Censor bar
4. Black Plain W Combat boots
5. Jurassic World Backpack

Cost –70 Robux



Requirements –
1. Blue anime hair for boys
2. Rose
3. Ripped Jeans with Jordan

Cost – 60 Robux


Requirements –
1. Red Nike pants
2. Silver heartbreak
3. Eyes that are red and distorted
4. Crimson Shaggy
5. Smile
6. Bandite’s Red cowboy cap

Cost – 92 Robux


Requirements –
1. Cisco’s headphones
2. The grin that knows everything
3. Coffin Batpack
4. Red Adida
5. Hashtag without filter
6. Nike red and black Nike
7. Crimson shaggy 2.0


Cost – 37 Robux


Requirements –
1. Dark cartoony bunny ears with dark cartoons
2. Freckles
3. Trash club
4. Black
5. Obvious surveillance card
6. Kas/Muscle
7. John’s hair
8. Stylish aviators

Cost – 97 Robux


Requirements –
1. Aurora spark – shades
2. Classic male v2 – pants
3. Fc Barcelona The elite hairstyles for playmakers
4. Cheestring straw cap
5. Smile
6. Grey waistcoat
7. Staff members of Rey’s

Cost – 0 Robux



Requirements –
1. Historical headphones
2. The hairstyle and tiara of Wonder Woman
3. Keep it in
4. White bandeau
5. Marine Baguhan – Alistado

Cost – 38 Robux


Requirements –
1. The Crook
2. Nerd Glasses
3. Brown hair
4. Skeptic

Cost – 67 Robux


Requirements –
1. Tuxedo
2. Blonde manga hero
3. Evil eyepatchCost – 90 Robux



Requirements –
1. John’s hair
2. Smiles of joy
3. Nerd glasses
4. Black Off-White
5. Cisco’s headphones
6. Jurassic world backpack

Cost – 60 Robux


Requirements –
1. Jeans
2. Roblox Rarar Hoodie By 1Blox
3. The Turbo Builders Club hard cap
4. Mr. Chuckles

Cost – 49 Robux


Requirements –
1. Dabbing noob
2. I love the obbys shirt
3. Black Jeans with white Shoes
4. 1.3 Obbys Cap


Cost – 30 Robux


Requirements –
1. Aesthetic black sweater with flannel
2. Monarch
3. Cicsco’s headphones
4. Next Gen Visor
5. Crystalline Companion
6. Black spiked hair
7. Winkling Smile
8. Rainbow Fashion Hoodie
9. Obvious Spy Cap

Cost – 133 Robux

Xx Jack Sparrowzx X

Requirements –
1. Beautiful hair for beautiful women
2. Messy black hair
3. Anti Social
4. Solid black
5. Bandito
6. Onyx Oni Horns
7. Black Funny Pack
8. Dark katana

Cost – 383 Robux


Taffy Flat

Requirements –
1. Black Funny Pack
2. Dark grey hoodie
3. Dark katana
4. Black Iron Commando
5. Mask of Shadows Ninja
6. Black iron Branches
7. Beautiful hair for beautiful women
8. Duffel bag

Cost – 2842 Robux


Requirements –
1. Lavender feathered headphone
2. Blacktrendy hat
3. Err…
4. Black Supreme
5. Horns of the lost
6. Military Cloak
7. Epic mask
8. White Hoodie
9. Beautiful hair for beautiful women

Cost – 1286 Robux


Requirements –
2. Pastel off white
3. Eyepatch
4. White pants in pastel off
5. Cartoony bunny ears
6. Beautiful hair in pastels for beautiful women


Cost – 210 Robux

Final Words

There are endless combinations of Roblox characters you can design with the Roblox Avatar shop. These characters will bring you joy in Roblox. A lot of them are affordable and easily purchased through Roblox.

If you know of an amazing combo that is a Roblox Character, please inform us by leaving a comment.

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