After player concerns, Boyfriend Dungeon will make changes to its content warning

According to the developer, an updated warning will be issued sometime in the future.

Boyfriend Dungeon will be getting an update but not to its gameplay. In response to players’ concerns that the current content warning doesn’t go far enough, Kitfox Games tweeted on Saturday that it would update the message next week. According to the developer, the sign “inadequately describes” the events of stalking or emotional manipulation in the story.

Boyfriend dungeon allows players to build relationships or romances using a variety of sharply dressed swords. Days after the game’s surprise release last Wednesday, people started voicing concerns on social media about a plot element that involves one of the characters stalking and emotionally manipulating the player. Some people were concerned that the warning message that appears when you load a new game is not adequate to address any potentially dangerous elements encountered. Some of the darker themes in the plot were not well communicated in the Kickstarter campaign and advertising. The content warning is as follows:

Developers often update or implement content warnings to reflect changing attitudes regarding player consent and protections. Team Salvato published Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! earlier this year. This expanded version of the disturbing Doki Doki Literature Club included content warnings that were more explicit than the original release. Players could choose how much information they want to know about the plot to make informed decisions on whether or not to play. A setting was also provided with that warned players if they were about to encounter potentially disturbing content.

Kitfox Games announced the news to some players who were still worried and asked for a way for them to opt-out of the potentially harmful content. Boyfriend dung already offers a similar feature that allows players to opt-out of receiving texts from their mom. Opting out of text messages is not the same as opting out from portions of the story since text messages aren’t critical to the plot.


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