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10 Best Frank Ocean Songs

Frank Ocean’s songs range from “Novacane” to “White Ferrari,” and we love them all.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s follow-up album to his 2012 Grammy-winning debut album, channel ORANGE, took a while to release finally. It finally happened in 2016, when the mysterious artist released “Endless,” a video album, as well as the music album “Blonde.” “

Ocean fled New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina damaged his studio.

Then silence. A lot of silence.

Ocean’s second album was initially scheduled to drop in 2013. It didn’t. Then 2014, 2015. Then 2016, and so on.

10 Best Frank Ocean Songs

  1. “Super Rich Kids” (with Earl Sweatshirt).

Ocean sings, “Start your day up on top; there’s nothing quite like this view.” It sounds a lot like Elton John’s song “Benny and the Jets,” right? Ocean also references Mary J. Blige in the middle. Frank’s Odd Future pal Earl Sweatshirt then spits out a complex, lethargic verse. The day ends on the roof until the fall.

  1. Strawberry Swing

You might assume that Ocean is singing over the Coldplay song “Strawberry Swing.” You might think this is Ocean singing directly over the music from Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing.” We hope Ocean does this again.

  1. “Ivy”

The second track of “Blonde” has the same indie-rock feel as “Lost.” The second track from “Blonde” has the same indie-rock vibe as “Lost.”

  1. “Pyramids”

This nearly 10-minute-long version from channel ORANGE is almost like two songs crammed into one, but it flows seamlessly. It also has a John Mayer guitar solo, which is quite something.

  1. “Novacane”

Frank falls in love with an adult film producer, but he aspires for the role of a dentist in this song from “Nostalgia Ultra.” They met at Coachella.

  1. ‘Sweet Life’

Pharrell Williams got his hands on the “channel ORANGE,” which earned Ocean comparisons with Stevie Wonder. The song’s strong ’70s R&B sound made it a popular choice for many. The Ocean is a master at telling stories and directing them in a strange, mysterious way that keeps the listener’s interest.


  1. “Lost”

The Ocean is a master at switching styles. ()

  1. “White Ferrari.”

This “Blonde,” a standout track about a car and so many other things, was co-written by Kanye West and Paul McCartney. It also includes a reference to the Beatles’ “Here, There, Everywhere.” It’s a good group! “It’s a beautiful, powerful, and magical moment.

  1. “Swim Good!”

The single “Nostalgia, Ultra” is both cool and sad.

  1. ‘Thinkin Bout you?’

Love songs rarely start with a tornado.

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